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    Feb 14, 2020 Also, for you ego maniacs, try removing access to this comment and i'll report you just like I did the first.

    ~ZvorakZkrm / Atomic
    It was a cloudy, windy day, and I decided to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I had recently pain for the Online Membership for 3 months, so I decided to make the best of it. This weekend I participated in the; Amiibo Tag Battle!

    First Round
    I thought It would be fun...but I was wrong. I got past one team: Villager, and an FP, Isabele. I didn't know what to do until I figured that the person playing was only doing it for fun. I could tell because they weren't really trying as hard as I thought. Both teammates are both characters from another Nintendo series.
    [Ike] FP Mario, and I were up against them. Moray Towers was the random stage choice. They were getting pretty beaten up. Mario and I got KO'd a few times, but it was nothing that could get us down.

    Next Round
    I was up against a team consisting of King K. Rool and a damn green Donkey Kong. [DK] We got a few KO's in there, but we lost horribly. I ended up reporting them. Mario kept losing to random things that even I couldn't remember! But I didn't give up so easily...I tried again! And I regretted it...

    Second Play
    The second time I tried, I attempted to use the same Ike, and Mario team, but came into using a more swift fighter like Mewtwo. Mario has always been at a disadvantage, being only level 44, and my past opponents, being level 50. We went up against the bastardly pair of the newest, and stupidest DLC Fighter, Banjo-Kazooie...boomer. And along with an FP Bowser. Bridge of Eldin we battled on. We kept getting pummeled by "spikes" [Meteors], and multi-hit moves, and I kept getting KO'd with Bowser's midair-upward attack. We then got down to the ire; the Smash Ball appeared, and I tried to get it, but my goddamn joycon didn't let me dash left normally. Banjo got it...and when we were cornered at the edge of the screen, I dodged...or attempted to dodge the Final Smash. We both got hit with one of the most stupid, ridiculous, and unfavorable Final Smashes there was. [What even was that?] We were going to lose. I already knew it. So the only thing to do was to press HOME, and exit the game. I've done it multiple times, but this time was the last. I got banned for half an hour. ****. **** you heavyweights, and cheese, and cheaters, and spammers, and **** Nintendo. When I report people, nothing happens, but quitting the game? I reported them as well, and didn't play until I finished this draft
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