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  • nO SIR, it's currently from the kickass series that actually kicks Haruhi's episodes season 1's *** is..... "Toradora!" her name is Tiaga <333
    lol **** i feel like a ****** for posting my visitor profile page, thats what you get for having a wii net -.-. look at my profile page and **** pls.
    maybe you should be a super secret ninja, attack their forces from behind and hope they lose. but if you understand that, then that means you can just add in or correct stuff. not that i'm commanding you ^_^. i'd take part of discussion once i have peace and quiet and free time on my hands >.<

    and lol @ our military talk xDDD
    your master (loljk) hippie must say a few words. the man hippie says that he is crying because of the rob matchup according to Mr.E's post is making hippie cry as we speak. hippie suggests that the Messiah (lol) Atash will wreck him in half with facts about luigi. Hippie thanks Atash for his time and effort <3.
    Did you mean to post that on my profile?

    Also, I have been lazy, to say the least, and I forgot about that ol' bio. It's on its way though.
    Reporting in : Wolf boards are discussing a luigi vs wolf thing. their bair is homo =[. Rapeee themmmm with the wall of texts since the discussion is abit dead lol kthnxbai
    dude, kirby boards are doing matchup on luigi. lets **** them with our wall of textz even tho it blinds my eyes. its funny how me and you are mostly doing matchup discussions lol. the snake debates seems really competitive and mostly luigis dont like doing matchup discussions xDDDD.

    but yeah, snake matchup seems to come tto a close, and olimars are close to finishing it.

    so kirbys doing luigi lets give our input and **** them. 50-50 or 55:45 in eithers favor through cps is fine. GO GO GO GGO <3
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