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  • Not a problem, dude. Now you'll have the last laugh on other peach players that think they can get an easy grab combo off you!! lol
    Ha. I've been to one WABA (brawl) monthly already. And I'm actualluy going up there today for some freeplay with a bunch of friends. Lol.
    Lol. True enough. We all have our own preferences.

    My AIM's zigguratii
    And I'm not so much trying to "defend" it as to point out that it's just a different game... just because you beat someone at melee doesn't mean you "should" beat someone at brawl.
    Lol, when do you want to play? And it's definitely easier to get a hold of me by AIM.
    3351 9150 4302

    My roommate wants to play you too after we play a few matches. He plays Pokemon Trainer - goes by 4Leaf.
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