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Arc -The Fallen-

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  • Hey Arc, great match last time man, overtime without the tension, pretty cool.
    I lost that next match to a snake player... i'm ashamed as a Toon main.
    But those Z-air combos are paying off bigtime.
    Sucks you had to leave early for real but the next tourney should be epic.
    In Melee? Great.

    In Brawl? Not so great vs Ali, he's adapted to me now, and, since Snake is a better character than Marth, he beat me more than I beat him when I smashed with him today.

    Gonna have to work on a CP...=p.

    I know =p. I'm really regreatting it.

    I'm gonna go to a VA tourney sometime in the near future though. Hopefully hitch a ride with Karn.
    It was a pleasure meeting you and your bro at the tournament.
    Your TL is so beastly, so well-developed, and so scary. Still, I hope to play you in future tournaments!
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