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  • yo would you like to brawl online sometime? (although i won't be that available this break... :\ but still!)
    You've improved since last time I Brawled you. Your not as predictable as you once were, and you actually got me quite frustrated at some points. I still can't believe Peach's Bair and Dair have so much priority against Olimar's attacks... GGs, and continue to improve your Peach.
    I had my share of loses as well. The one thing I noticed is that you love to use Peeach's Fair a lot at early percents and then when Im at high percents you dont have many KO options.
    Ggs! Your Peach improved a lot since the last time I fought you lol. Well from what I can remember.
    NOOOOO!!!!!! Stupid Light!! It went off at my house ;_; I wanted to play moar with you ;-;
    I felt like I did because I jsut left without notice. It's frustrating because there's like no chat options other than taunts.
    You too, sorry I left so rudely.
    You know whats weird? You live in Canada and we have a better connection than my friend who lives in my city =/.
    apples, lets play ;O

    i have a room up. i know u tried to join but i was playing sum1 else lol.

    messin' around w/ wigi , dk, d3
    connection problems?
    hey. got the tv back i can play you now, kind of rusty though. i recently bought mario kart, been playing it like crazy. so, you up for a game?
    GGz man. i like that whole roll behind dtilt thing and i had no idea u cud grab the edge w/ parasol if u have the parasol down Lol. btw, how did you pull off the free-pull? do you b-stick or did you just practice w/o b-sticking? <_<
    aight, i'm on wifi atm, but u host plz. i'm not rly confident in my connection xD

    i'm sure it would be aight but i don't wanna take chances xD
    yea, tomorrow is a better day anyway coz ima do this quiz for my art class. god i hate this class. oh well, off to google!
    yea letz brawlz. try to get me on aim though! coz i'm doing laundry also xD

    i think i sent my sn in a pm <_<
    I had to cancel it. Somebody managed to do what we were going to test before us. T-T I'll make it up to you with a mach some time.
    sorry for playing like a 5 year old, but the tv in my room screwed up, and i had to play in the living room where my dad was being really annoying "arent you bored of that game, did you beat it yet, why dont you play somthing else?" (for some reason he hates brawl, even though we always used to play melee) anyway, since he couldnt get me to stop playing he dicided to give me chores that had absolutley no urgency, then freak out if i didnt do it right away. thats why i finally had to leave, and when i did he put in a different game and started playing... go figure.
    Hi, Apples! Thanks for the help. Basically I need to test some grounded footstool combinations. If you have AIM, this can go by easier. Otherwise I'll try to pantomime what I want you to do. XD
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