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  • I honestly don't know. I suspect it was because he couldn't handle people not liking his ideas.
    Is English your primary language? If not, could you please check your spelling and grammar before posting from now on? For example: 'surtently' is spelled 'certainly'.

    —At the request of several individuals in the LoZ room.
    HoT has been removed from the Internet by Nintendo, so you can't view it unless you download a pirated version from somewhere else. I have no idea where to find it.
    well thank you very much i have seen lots of posts from you and ppl like spireIV and thought to my self finaly i can talk about zelda to ppl hu like it asmuch as me!!!!
    New to SWF, I see. Welcome! I see you're also a Zelda fan -- always good to keep some activity in the Zelda forums.
    Now first of all i would like to say hi because i am new to this site, and second has anyone else heard about this theory because i just saw a video about it and it states that there is a 4th piece to the triforce. at first i was a bit sceptical because the legend only states 3 godesses din,nayru,and farore. but then i dug up a plausable theory out of my head, if any of you remember the desert colossus in ooc. i belive that she maybe the 4th godess,this would make sence because elDIN, LaNAYRU, FARO(RE)n . then why is the 4th godess not named then? well there are 2 theorys for this i will talk about the tetra force one first because that is where mine is. XD ok what i thought is that the fourth godess is not named because she is EVIL (so she kinda has the voldimort treatment going on) AKA DO NOT SPEAK HER NAME! wich would also answer another thred i have sene on this sight the one about who is the devil equivelant in hyrule. meny ppl think that the 4th piece is missing but i think it has just been shadwed over by the other godesses so no living being can see it. another reason to why i think this goddes is evil is because the 3 GOOD godesses pieces point upward to wards the heavens but the invisible pice is pointing downwards to wards her possible domain!One last thing on my theory is that it would explain why gerudo valley is a failing tribe and are very poor so the evil godess called upon her deamon gannon to bring her village that the good godesses took away from her back to life! but one thing that doesnt make sence about my theory is that how does ganondorf always get the power triforce of din so easily every singl time! well this is where th other theory makes scence this theory states that din is the goddes of gerudo aswell and is evil because she trusts her piece with mr.dragmire lol. this theory completely wipes out the tetra force theory. but it is not real there are more facts on the theory i have added to. your thoughts every one?
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