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Recent content by AngeloBangelo

  1. AngeloBangelo

    Smashin' The Suburbs (McHenry, IL) - Thursday, January 14th!

    Are there still games tomorrow? I don't bounce until 9 PM, so I have to leave at 8. Besides that I'm open all day for mouth ****. Edit: How was yesterday? haha. I spent all day playing L4D with Gary Nitz. It was hysterical. One of the best moments of my life was dodging all of his punches...
  2. AngeloBangelo

    Smashin' The Suburbs (McHenry, IL) - Thursday, January 14th!

    I'll be there partner. Also, anyone who disobeys the rules or taunts 3 times gets gut pawnched. Sorry. Thems the rules. Also, 1v1's vs. Chris = Try to be best ‘Cause you’re only a man And a man’s gotta learn to take it Try to believe Though the going gets rough That you gotta...
  3. AngeloBangelo

    Northern IL Smashfest: I need a confirm list

    I don't use facebook much. Couple times a year I go into a little isolation mode and focus on developing my physique. Facebook is blocked during the isolation period. Maybe I'll come out just for Melee. Probably not. The way I remember it, we 8 stocked your team. Minus 4 of those 8...
  4. AngeloBangelo

    Scar talks Lean Melee [2012YotF]

    I am far too buff to ever fight another human being fairly, minus Falcon. That would be a pretty good fight, I think.
  5. AngeloBangelo

    Scar talks Lean Melee [2012YotF]

    He obviously made the thread inside of a hyperbolic time chamber, so his story makes sense. This also explains how he could've climbed the Melee ranks so quickly. I need to grab one of those as well. People who ARE NOT DBZ nerds do not have to understand the comedy that is this post. Thank...
  6. AngeloBangelo

    Scar talks Lean Melee [2012YotF]

    Oh yeah, Chris still plays too. Actually we've all gotten a lot better around here (All 3 of us). I mainly just lurk and beat off to Scar videos. <3 I spend most of my time prepping for bodybuilding competitions now, but I still get a few games in every week. I'm always up for some games if...
  7. AngeloBangelo

    Scar talks Lean Melee [2012YotF]

    Hm... Just bait an attack/grab and knee them if they whiff... Sounds like my strat against every other character haha. I'll give it a try, thanks.
  8. AngeloBangelo

    Scar talks Lean Melee [2012YotF]

    Thoughts on playing IC? A friend of mine recently took them up and I have to say, it's an uphill battle if I've ever seen one. I used to just approach with a SHFFLed stomp to initiate a combo, but he's gotten wise to my ways and just WDs backwards into a grab. I've been using Nairs effectively...
  9. AngeloBangelo

    Using the mortar slide correctly

    I think there are a lot of generalities in this post. Like how you say we should balance mortar sliding with distancing with nades, I don't think that's always a good idea. What about balancing mortar slides, distancing yourself properly, explosives, and tilt spamming? I don't think this...
  10. AngeloBangelo

    MGS Players

    I just like the amount of pressure he puts on the opponent. Anything with control/pressure in a game, i'm all over it. This is why I play Kibler Braids in mtg. I just love controlling the board and their hand.
  11. AngeloBangelo

    Which move is better too use, Nair or Dair?

    Jesus, is that really your sig? Please shrink that **** down to a normal size. This is completely dependent on the situation. Where are you? Where is the enemy? What are they likely to do, etc etc... If I'm in the air above them, falling downwards, I will usually just DI in front of them...
  12. AngeloBangelo

    Snake's Official Moveset List.

    You can also call the Floorwiper the Nightmare. This is because (If you've ever had a bad enough dream) sometimes you have a dream that is really bad and you just kick the wall next to your bed, or kick frantically. It looks like Snake is taking a nap and just starts kicking frantically if...
  13. AngeloBangelo

    Snake's Official Moveset List.

    I like to get off my stage the opponent and then depending on the matchup, I'll seeker missle them. If they try to sweetspot the edge, I'll usually hail a taxi and take them to bazookatown. If I can't afford the fare to bazookatown I will drop the anchor upon thee or elevate them horizontally...
  14. AngeloBangelo

    ~~ Into the Fray: A Snake Survival Guide ~~

    Great guide! I was working on one for Snake, similar to my Falcon one in Melee. But everyone is making such great vids/guides for him, it's not that necessary! Also, I agree: Utilt is amazing. Especially when someone is running at you, and before they get into grab range, hitting them with it...
  15. AngeloBangelo

    A Dissertation on Snake's Dash Attack and Mortar Slide

    I've seen many first posts on these boards. They've ranged from "ken is scrub i beat him 2day. only 1 stock tho. hes bad lol" to accounts that mimic my forum name promising $100 money match videos to fool people into clicking the link, only to find out they've been mindgamed. This is the...
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