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    Q&A SSBU Mechanics & Techniques General

    If you push someone of the edge while they're in shield break animation, they're instantly able to act.
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    The Potter Stewart Anti-Stalling Rule

    I just pointed out that video, because its the most extreme example of stalling in smash that i know. To me it just symbolizes the boringness of stalling and i'm glad the communtiy thought of it the same and at least tried to make stalling harder and banned certain stages and stalling methods...
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    The Potter Stewart Anti-Stalling Rule

    Best example why stalling should be banned is this I know there is no timer, but its just sad how this could even happen.
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    Q&A SSBU Mechanics & Techniques General

    Run off stage and the moment you leave it, hold towards the ledge. Its faster, if you fastfall as soon as you leave the stage. You just need to do quick halfcircular motion back towards the ledge.
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    U-smash vs f-smash after roller character chart?

    Armada showed a picture of this in his 'how to play inkling' video, but i think he didnt put a link in the description. Only a link for a up-throw upair % spreadsheet.
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    Inkling Bread and Butter Combos

    Could you post a invitation link for the discord group? Just found it. Heres the link if anyone is interessted.
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    Inkling Bread and Butter Combos

    F-throw - downtilt is true at around 0-10 % (23%, little bit ink) Shff-dair spike on stage at about 30 % is true into nearly everything even itself at certain % Which if you get the spike also on the second dair, can lead into techchase or more stuff if the dont tech. You can also can get an...
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    Why do you main Inkling?

    Mostly because of the movement and because their aerials felt pretty melee
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    Squid Inkling Moveset Data (Preliminary) Updated: Added Some Ink-formation

    Is there anywhere already a hitbox visualization for inkling? Would really appreciate a link or mayby someone could make a thread or post it here
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    Squid Inkling Frame Data (In Progress)

    Dair comes out at about 15-16 frames.
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    Squid Inkopolis Plaza – Squid Social

    Could also be because of the time of the year ultimate came out. I guess there are many people how just got the game for christmas and many of those, including me, first played a bit to have a clue which they could main and which thread they should follow, since there are literally 74 character...
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    Squid Inkling Combo Thread!

    Don't know if this is a good option or even a mixup, but you can true combo aerial roller into nair or fair at about 50ish percent, deals 26 percent with fair Or into neutral b for about 5 hits and then fade away to get a decent amount of ink Or you can jump towards them instantly throwing out...
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    Melee MI

    There is a pinned thread called "facebook groups" in the general melee discussion section, if you haven't looked into it, it seems pretty comprehensive.
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    Q&A The Official Technical Issues Q&A thread (TV's, Controllers, gamecubes, etc)

    Thanks for the answer! I don't really have the technical knowlegde to understand what you meant exactly but i will look into it. I tried to start my GC many times since this happend and sometimes it starts just fine, but most of the time it does this wierd thing but after i restarted it about...
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    Q&A The Official Technical Issues Q&A thread (TV's, Controllers, gamecubes, etc)

    Hey guys, got a problem. Today i started my gamecube and it strangely went immidiatly to this menu where you can look at your memory cards and stuff, you know what i mean ^^ It doesnt even go like step by step completing the logo and then to the menu, it just goes right to the menu. Not like...