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Recent content by AncientBaby

  1. AncientBaby

    Q&A Olimar Q&A thread.

    It's fine to do that, just make sure you keep percentages in mind, as it's hard to follow up once they're at higher damage. It does add a couple extra percent during the early part of a stock, though. If they're at later percents that you know you won't be able to follow up with and you decide...
  2. AncientBaby

    Olimar's Matchup Thread (Old thread)

    The general consensus is that we have a disadvantage against Yoshi in the matchup and we need to be very careful with spacing and timing against him. It was discussed in the new matchup thread towards the bottom of the first page if you want to read specifics. I'm actually not sure if this...
  3. AncientBaby

    Q&A Olimar Q&A thread.

    I'm not a top player by any means, but I'll do my best to answer some of your questions based only on my experience and what I've seen from other players. Disclaimer: My opinion is something to consider, but it should not be taken as unquestionable fact. Hopefully I was able to answer...
  4. AncientBaby

    [Competitive Discussion] Let's learn together

    I'm assuming B-reverse pluck, because you can't reverse the whistle in this game. But yeah, aerial pluck autocancels anywhere in the move when it lands, so you get normal landing lag and can act pretty quickly as soon as you touch ground, which is definitely helpful so they can't immediately pop...
  5. AncientBaby

    [Competitive Discussion] Let's learn together

    What exactly are you having trouble with? Is there something Lucas does that you don't know how to deal with? Or can you not know how to get damage/kills off him safely? I can't think of anything Lucas does that prevents you from doing regular Olimar stuff. If you can't think of a specific...
  6. AncientBaby

    [Competitive Discussion] Let's learn together

    Twitch chat was being Twitch chat and complaining. Olimar generally gets a bad rep for being "campy", so they decided to complain about Myran. But he was constantly moving and throwing out attacks, so I thought it was actually really exciting to watch. They were good sets.
  7. AncientBaby

    [Competitive Discussion] Let's learn together

    I only got to see your last two sets on stream (against the Peach player that I can't remember the name of and 8bitman) and I think seeing that really helped me with some ideas for those matchups. It's a shame you didn't place even higher, but I think I speak for everyone here when I say that...
  8. AncientBaby

    [Competitive Discussion] Let's learn together

    B-reverse pluck is a really good tool because the pluck autocancels on landing, so you can do whatever you need after. Like you were saying, b-reverse pluck after a short hop is a good way to recognize what they would do if they think you're coming at them with an aerial so you can act...
  9. AncientBaby

    Favorite Pikmin Lineup?

    Like you said, pikmin order is situational and there isn't a one-size-fits-all trio of pikmin. But I do like Myran's purple->purple->blue order for the same reasons he said. Another one that I find works well is red->purple->blue/purple on fastfalling characters or against players that I can...
  10. AncientBaby

    [Competitive Discussion] Let's learn together

    Whistle armor is active on frames 6-12. In other words, it's up the second 10th of a second (the first 1/10 is prep, the 2nd 1/10 has armor, after that is endlag). If you need a visual cue to help, that's about when Olimar's hand just gets to the whistle. It's tough at first, but once you get...
  11. AncientBaby

    Super Smash Con: Day 1

    For anyone asking about the stream, there wasn't one today because none of the tournaments start until tomorrow (Friday). I believe that Smash 4 starts tomorrow, Brawl is only tomorrow, 64 is only Saturday, and Melee is Saturday and Sunday. Today was just the first day of the con itself.
  12. AncientBaby

    Advanced Olimar tactics

    I'm not a pro by any means, but I can help by pointing you to some resources. First, if you haven't already, check out Myran's Olimar guide. It's a fantastic place to start learning about the general mindset for Olimar and he goes into a few techs that will prove useful if you decide to stick...
  13. AncientBaby

    EMG Presents: Super Smash Bros. Play of the Week Episode 21

    He called out smash 4 players in general. Here's the interview where it happened if you have time.
  14. AncientBaby

    Weekend Watchlist Two: What To Watch This Weekend

    No problem! Here's their website if you're interested. http://www.tourneylocator.com/ I hope you can make it out to one sometime!
  15. AncientBaby

    Weekend Watchlist Two: What To Watch This Weekend

    Weeklies for Melee (Monday), Sm4sh (Wednesday), and PM (Thursday) also are hosted at the same venue if you're able to make it out to one of them!
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