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  • Hey Amigo!

    Heh, I'm glad that my posts are helping you out with your Sheik game. It makes me happy to see some Sheik players around the boards. As for the videos, I don't have any unfortunately. I've never actually tried recording a match since the replay function on the Wii limits it to like 2-3 minutes I believe? I'd need someone to show me how to do it (without having that nasty video quality). If I find a way to get some and show some, I'll definitely give it a go :)

    As for now, Choknater's Videos and Gimpyfish's videos in the Sheik reference thread are definitely nice examples of Sheik. Ankoku's videos are also quite nice :) Maybe in the future I can get some of my vids up too. Keep it up and see you around the board :)
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