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    Social THE Social Thread 2.0

    Bolthound is cute but I wouldn't let him on my team I like sushi too, clams, oysters, shrimp, scallops, crab, mussels, lobster, octopus, crawfish. Very tasty.
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    Social THE Social Thread 2.0

    Though this is my personal opinion Eevee is cuter than Pikachu
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    Unpopular Smash Opinions (BE CIVIL)

    For Glory is better than whatever Smash Ultimate's Quick play was trying to be.
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    Social THE Social Thread 2.0

    Nympheon is my favorite. I like the pink
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    The Big House Online Canceled After Cease & Desist from Nintendo

    Not to throw any rocks hehe but you guys have to understand Nintendo owns the IP they can do whatever they want with it. So there is no point debating Nintendo being unfair we don't have a say in anything. Melee is a game that is pass its prime there is no economical incentive to release a copy...
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    Social THE Social Thread 2.0

    I have to be honest Book water was already good though Earth really rise the bar
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    Come up with the most ridiculous spinoff possible

    Animal Crossing: A New Harvest Moon.
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    2020 US Presidential Election Discussion

    You will always have people who aren't put off by Trump's racist dogma. That doesn't change the fact that Trump has around a 6 percent approval rating with Black men and 3 percent with Black woman. That is really really bad. Which isn't surprising given how Trump's racist behavior is well known...
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    What Are Your Unpopular Gaming Opinions? (Ver. 2)

    I prefer Sonic with a story over a Sonic with good gameplay.
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    Social THE Social Thread 2.0

    I hope you are during alright Irepan if the symptoms persist you should consider scheduling a check up.
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    First Impressions playing Steve and Alex

    Though I don't have him, after playing against many Steves I find that Steve has a difficult time responding to those who outrange and camp him. Using Byleth and Hero I was able to force them to think carefully about approaching. Since you know Hero's sword hitbox is nearly as big as Steve. It...
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    The ‘Would you rather have in smash?’ game thread

    Classic Sonic all the way, Classic Pit looks like Prince Assist trophy did the fusion dance with Dragonball Krillen WYR Have Custom attacks in Smash Ultimate or multiple air dodges and rolls with no cool downs like in Smash 4?
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    I'm more edgy, I don't mind Sonic games with a serious tone to them.

    I'm more edgy, I don't mind Sonic games with a serious tone to them.
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    Steve is NOT broken!(prove me wrong)

    Steve is weird to fight against. He has good frame data but he doesn't really have anything to answer against those with disjoints like Swordies. Some Steve players I fought against struggle to approach if they don't use their mine cart. I fought them with Hero and those Steves had a hard time...
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