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  • Mine is Raf Jose. lol

    btw, what network are you in?

    I'm in the Atlanta, GA network with my classic darkened out picture. lol.
    ive been fine you could say. VERY busy with school programs like the FFA(im sre ive told you about it), track started, AND im looking for a job myself still hahah.
    but the sad news is that ive really lost my interest in brawl though, and im finding it hard to keep up with this site hah were kinda lucky we caught each other!
    awow hey raf :)
    thats fine man. im glad you messaged me at all. hows life been for you?
    hhhhaaapppyyyy bbbbbiiiiiirrrrrtttttthhhhhhdddddaaaayyyyy raf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hhhhaaapppyyyy bbbbbiiiiiirrrrrtttttthhhhhhdddddaaaayyyyy raf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hhhhaaapppyyyy bbbbbiiiiiirrrrrtttttthhhhhhdddddaaaayyyyy raf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hhhhaaapppyyyy bbbbbiiiiiirrrrrtttttthhhhhhdddddaaaayyyyy raf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hhhhaaapppyyyy bbbbbiiiiiirrrrrtttttthhhhhhdddddaaaayyyyy raf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yea see, thats kinda what i mean! lol
    im a HUGE nintendo person, stuck to it my whole life, ive only played mario games(the big adventures and spin-offs) and the zelda franchise and a little of pokemon and maybe a few other series and thats about it!
    ive never even touched an exbox controller in my life! (no lie)
    hahah!!!! im the same way!!! i end up blowing every dime i have on a stupid game that i play for about a month
    wii fit.... ive never played it before but it doesnt sound too appealing! lol
    its too bad that im one of the pickiest videogame players on the planet! lol
    oh really?
    yea then in that case, driving woud get pretty tedious..
    hey i forgot, did you have wifi for brawl? i didnt think you did but i just thought id as again! lol
    just..... bein bored!
    just got back from driving my bros to DQ and whatnot(o man i love driving)
    actually i would like to man, but im going out to eat tonight so mabey later tonight? lol sorry though...
    HAHAH!!! CHYEA!!
    although, i live in a hicktown... not many places you can go where i live!:laugh:
    actually, same here.
    my dad is the one guiding me everywhere! lol
    the clas i took was only several weeks long and i basically took that Right before i got my license
    YES!!!!!! its unbelieveable really!
    about 5 months ago i never thought id be this good! but im doing really well now!
    pretty good!
    im getting my license in about a week, so life is doing ok right now! lol
    Oman, Jewel of Arabia.

    I have been all over the Internet actually, people hardly notice that I'm quite the lurker.
    From the hellish depths of 4chan all the way to forums based on Oman. I have experienced Youtube Poop, Ebaumsworld, Something Awful, YTMNDs, and probably over 9000 Internet memes, even I attempt to participate in them.
    I've been welcomed to the Internet almost a year ago; yet I still cannot shake the fact that normal people can turn so sad and hateful on this place.
    Life is good over here.

    It's depressing and sad that forums cannot create a funny thread or anything.

    Only the smaller forums are actually funny every once in a while, yet Smash Boards hardly has any jokes that don't insult other members... D@mn Internet.

    Well I haven't spoken to you in a while.

    Did you know that people on Smash Boards have nearly no sense of humour without insulting somebody?

    The Forum Games is the only place that I can go to get laughs.
    HAHAH yea no kidding! lol but ima head off to bed raf! talk to ya some more later? peace out man
    no actually FFA stands for Future Farmers of America!(or now National FFA organization)
    i do not plan to be a farmer whatsoever but.... well actually im sure you dont care SO much so ill just leave it at that! lol
    but i cant believe youve never heard of it!! its a HUGE organization nationwide!!
    yup im a sophmore and ive got a couple classes that im not happy with but i have to take them at SOME point for graduation so im just gonna get them out of the way! lol most of my classes i LOVE though
    but im REALLY busy with FFA! we have soo much stuff coming up within the next couple months!
    AHAH!!! o yes raf, yes i saw! lol well thats cool! at least you can still have a life and all
    AHAHAHAH!!! holy kow you have got your hands full!
    yea i didnt realize how much time you spend at college and having a job! not QUITE there yet so i havent comprehended that yet
    Wow thanks alot raf but I only needed stuff like graphs XD but this helps too thanks. Its impossible to find some stem cell research graphs on google:chuckle: if possible could it be something like all the lives its saved or something like that. Anything to make it look good. Im sorry if Im being a bother but Im steamed out. For hours Ive looked for some and I need help
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