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    Atlantic North Unity Melee Monthly

    I'll be there!
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    I am the biggest troll who ever played Smash Bros

    I don't think you were trolling, you're just better than that puff
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    Jigglypuff's Forward Throw

    Oh, I guess the throw just has hitlag then for whatever reason.
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    Jigglypuff's Forward Throw

    If you are hit by a move and then hit by another move within 10 frames, the knockback/trajectory of the second move completely replaces that of the first, whereas if they hit are more than 10 frames apart, knockback/trajectory will be a combination of both moves. I'm not sure exactly how they...
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    Jigglypuff's Forward Throw

    The hits hit within 10 frames of each other so the trajectory of the throw is used unless you smash DI the hit, in which case the trajectory of the hit is used because SDI in any direction really moves you out of position to get hit by the throw. The hit is weak and does 5% whereas the throw is...
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    Tips vs. Samus?

    i usually ban fountain. Samus' down smash is kind of ridiculous on fountain and she's really good at controlling the space with missiles. It's also kind of hard to kill her on fountain. Stadium is actually kind of good imo since you can make great use of the horizontal space and missiles are...
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    Official Ask Anyone Frame Things Thread

    that was definitely a dash throw though, not a JC throw
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    What are good stage picks against Falco?

    FoD is really good for cutting off space since you control a lot of the stage at any given place with back air. Yoshi's is good for the same reason but the smash blastzones make it much more in Falco's favor imo. Dreamland is good for the same reason as most of other puff matchups: you live...
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    Tips vs. Marth?

    In neutral, he's going to be spacing aerials most likely, which is when you want to run up shield (when he lands with an aerial). Also, if you block a spaced fair/bair/nair make sure you don't try to grab; you can try to nair then fade back or fair or dair or something. If he keeps retreating...
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    Data Mah0ne's Stuff about Puff

    If fox is overshooting his nair can you powershield rest it? If not what's the best punish? Also is there a way to practice powershielding moves like Fox nair by yourself?
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    Gota smash DI em' all! Fox's Upair!

    ^ it doesn't sound like c-stick does anything in hungrybox's method. The only difference c-stick makes is if you're late on your SDI input but were holding c-stick up while you get hit, you'll ASDI the up air up which is sometimes enough to avoid the second hit of up air (but most of the it...
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    Crazy player-imitating A.I. CPUs

    do you have a link to the 24-hour marathon
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    Rest Hitbox?

    ^ the hitbox overlaps with her invincible hurtbox, which is blue, so the hitbox looks purple
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    insta-ledge grab

    It's hard for some people to do consistently, but it's definitely a good option. Hbox is the only top level puff and he doesn't do it, but it doesn't mean other people don't. I know some puff mains who incorporate it into their game
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    Stopping Fox U-Smash, and Marth F-Smash spammers?

    Just dash dance until he throws out a grab/up smash then grab him or side b or something and punish him for it. If he's just throwing them out like you say then it should be really easy to bait out.
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