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Recent content by ADYBE

  1. ADYBE

    Joker BnB Combos

    I got the same result. The grapple is quite difficult to get because of the DI or if the opponent dodge or jump, but you can use this as a trap, like you used the grapple three times after a dtilt and the fourth time you wait for the dodge and then you punish.
  2. ADYBE

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Patch 3.0.0 Released

    If he is smart enough, he will just wait until you are in his up-b range. Instead, try to edgeguard him, because he will surely recover low.
  3. ADYBE

    Solidly entertaining highlight reel of upper-mid-level Joker play

    Strangely, I think Joker is pretty good with the Lucina matchup. His hurtbox is kind of small when he runs or jumps, so he doesn’t struugle as much as the others characters about Lucina’s disjoints. Like you said before, his gun kills the low recoveries, dtilt and Side-b are the tools to use...
  4. ADYBE

    Solidly entertaining highlight reel of upper-mid-level Joker play

    Really good video, it seems you’re good at edge guarding. Do you have anything to say about the Joker v.s. Lucina/ Marth matchup, like how do you feel about their spacing, their edge guarding, or how to kill them?
  5. ADYBE

    Joker BnB Combos

    Dair can be followed with dtilt at 0-10%
  6. ADYBE

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ver. 3.0 Update Coming Soon

    Do we know which hour it will be released?
  7. ADYBE

    When Will Joker Sneak Into Smash?

  8. ADYBE

    When Will Joker Sneak Into Smash?

    Or they release him tonight and make the 3.0 update later, so we don’t have to wait too much. It’s just my speculation, but I hope it will happen.
  9. ADYBE

    Joker's moveset.

    I think he will be a kind of swordfighter because in his game appareance, he has his knife. Maybe the knife will be for jab, tilts and aerials and his Personas for his specials.
  10. ADYBE

    Nintendo Direct Announced for 2/13 (2:00 p.m. PT/5:00 p.m. ET)

    Maybe it would be more awesome if the new dlc after Joker is a character from three houses.
  11. ADYBE

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Patch 2.0.0 is Almost Here

    All I want is a plant.
  12. ADYBE

    Official and Potential Combos of the Ridders

    Is it a good idea to see if Ridley has combo without thinking if he is a combo character or more like a big attacks big damages character with little combos?
  13. ADYBE

    Social Lower Norfair

    It’s simple, use NAIR. Aerial for shield, fast and have space.
  14. ADYBE

    Match-up Help-me-thread

    Againsts Belmonts, if you play on battlefields, you should use the platform to approach him, the axes are really slow and easy to dodge.
  15. ADYBE

    Ridley deserves better

    I think ridley is more like a ground to air punish character, because his approaching tools are not that great compared to others offensive characters, like pikachu, his projectile is slow, the endlag on the sibe-b is punishable, down-b is for hard read and up-b demand to know how and when to...
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