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    Joker's moveset.

    I think he will be a kind of swordfighter because in his game appareance, he has his knife. Maybe the knife will be for jab, tilts and aerials and his Personas for his specials.
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    Nintendo Direct Announced for 2/13 (2:00 p.m. PT/5:00 p.m. ET)

    Maybe it would be more awesome if the new dlc after Joker is a character from three houses.
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    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Patch 2.0.0 is Almost Here

    All I want is a plant.
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    Official and Potential Combos of the Ridders

    Is it a good idea to see if Ridley has combo without thinking if he is a combo character or more like a big attacks big damages character with little combos?
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    Social Lower Norfair

    It’s simple, use NAIR. Aerial for shield, fast and have space.
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    Match-up Help-me-thread

    Againsts Belmonts, if you play on battlefields, you should use the platform to approach him, the axes are really slow and easy to dodge.
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    Ridley deserves better

    I think ridley is more like a ground to air punish character, because his approaching tools are not that great compared to others offensive characters, like pikachu, his projectile is slow, the endlag on the sibe-b is punishable, down-b is for hard read and up-b demand to know how and when to...
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    I was wrong about ridley and I’m glad that I was.

    Well, good luck.
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    I was wrong about ridley and I’m glad that I was.

    Question, mister professor, do you use the reverse up-b to return on the ledge with the back direction, so you go a little up and in the direction you want?
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    Social Lower Norfair

    From now, in all the videos I saw on youtube, Ridley just got bodied by the opponents. Poor Ridley, someone need to help him.:ultridley:
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    How to play Pichu?

    Maybe this could help:
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    History of ultimate Ike's tier placement

    It’s funny that a lot of fire emblem characters are placed high-top tier in zero and others tier list and everyone complain there is too much swordmen with blue hair in this game.
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    How to play Pichu?

    With the rage effect in te game, would it be a good idea to use moves with recoil damages intensively in neutral?
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    How to play Pichu?

    So, playing aggressively, do you think if a little jump nair and if the opponents shield, I crawl back and do a dtilt will be good, or I should try something else for neutral?
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    How to play Pichu?

    We know the entire Pichu’s moveset, we are (or not) Pichu mains, but do we know how to play him? What can we do in neutral, in edgeguard, or to start a combo. Some moves hurt you, some don’t. In this forum I want to talk with you about how to play our cute boy Pichu.