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    Shulk as a secondary for Ness?

    Any char can be a secondary as long as you like that char. Although some secs are more optimal than others.
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    Why is online in this game so bad?

    I don’t really get lag per se, but I get a **** ton of input lag. Currently using a power line LAN adapter network and get 40 download and 11 upload, any way to fix this?
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    New advanced technique: Dial Storage

    This is basically an easier MALLC and opens up Shulks combo game immensely. Some players have already started incorporating it. It could be a mainstay tech for Shulk players.
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    Top Tier Terror?

    Shulk has faster moves overall, but still the same ****ty startup from 4. The best OOS option he has is air slash at frame 10. Characters that can pressure him either by rushdown or zoning can take care of him. Shulk, however, seems to have a **** ton of potential in this game, possible a high...
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    It feels like I'm cheating by playing Ike

    ike still has exploitable flaws
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    TheBitBlock is not a fan of smash ultimate

    who is this guy and why should we care
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    How many reps do you think each franchise already in deserves?

    I think Xenoblade should have 3 reps. Sure I'm biased as hell, but i think the 3 main protags have enough differences between them to make 3 unique fighters. More so than Villager vs Isabelle.
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    Q&A Bad Internet Ban (technical questions/fixes)

    Wait you serious? So I have to wait for Nintendo to patch it don’t I?
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    Q&A Bad Internet Ban (technical questions/fixes)

    Offine my inputs come out fine, the game feels quick and snappy. Online my inputs are delayed by what feels like a half second. It's not completely terrible, but its super annoying to deal with. I'm using a 5ghz connection with my router roughly 20-30 feet away from me (right across from where i...
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    Social "This is a good result!" - Shulk Discussion & Social Thread
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    Q&A Smash Ultimate Q&A thread

    Is it better to Shorthop manually or use the buffered aerials? In the sense of having more options out of a shorthop
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    Monado quick change with tap jump

    do yourself a favor and turn it off, having up b out of shield isnt worth it for wasting double jump.
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    Last story

    As much as I love The Last Story, it's far too niche to be in smash, and not nearly as relevant as the big Rainfall game (Xenoblade). I honestly would be surprised if it got Spirits.
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