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Recent content by Acedude55

  1. Acedude55

    Ryu SRK Kill Confirm

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRf-Q0iAyo4 works on most middleweights and heavyweights, or whatever I don't know. go find out yourself. kills early, especially with rage. I find it better to have an attack stick to do walking up tilts better Up tilt > Jab, Input srk cancel probably known...
  2. Acedude55

    Social Falcon CHAT! The Captain Falcon Social Thread

    sup dawgs no vids but got 7th/35 yesterday all falcon falcon is scary as **** in this game i wish i had a wii u because i know im missing alot of crazy things i can be doing
  3. Acedude55

    How old were you when you went to your first competitive tournament?

    14 in NYC, first opponent ever was M2K
  4. Acedude55

    "I'm the original here" - Dark Pit Social

    Hi Trying my hand in "maining" Dark Pit in the Wii U version
  5. Acedude55

    Brooklyn Smash -- serious WiiU smashing practice timez!

    Ok. Thinking about going to this but just 1 thing I dont have my own 3ds or copy, would that be trouble and sshould i just not go?
  6. Acedude55

    NYC Smash scene

    Facebook group is here, seems like everythings posted there https://www.facebook.com/groups/211900915585963/?fref=nf
  7. Acedude55

    NYC Smash scene

    With Smash 3ds being out and the Wii U version coming up, I'm wondering whos around and looking to play, or whos planning smashfests? I don't see an active NYC or NY/NJ thread, maybe theres a facebook group i forgot about
  8. Acedude55

    Captain Falcon Moveset Discussion

    i would have prefered falcon punch to be like this
  9. Acedude55

    R.I.P Allisbrawl.com (AIB Funeral/Memories Thread)

    Rot in pieces LOL That forever 404ing cringe site is finally gone cuz nealdt realized "why am I even keeping this **** up lmfao"
  10. Acedude55

    The Falcon Social

    someone should take over my video thread
  11. Acedude55

    NJ/NY Rankings: New Rankings 9/25/12!!!

    Sayonara again fellas. See you dudes smash 4 maybe
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