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    Ultra Beast-02 Expansion AKA Buzzwole for Smash Switch

    I 1010% support Buzzwole but only as an Ultra Fishbunjin 3000 echo fighter.
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    K. Rool's Kremling Kutthroats: PM BKupa666 for an Invite to the New K. Rool Thread

    I have no idea why I've never asked to be added to the supporter list in this thread...There should be as many as possible of us to wail and lament on "that day"... Anyway...that bit of cheeriness aside, I was looking at a top 10 (personal) want list I posted a little over a year ago, and saw...
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    What are your opinions about the leaked characters? (SPOILERS INCOMING)

    Hmm...I find it hard to rate these, because I don't like being "against" characters...So I just want it to be clear that these ratings are my own excitement for a character, not an attempt at an objective interpretation of their worthiness. Every new character revealed makes me happy because I...
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    (Poll) QUICK! Sakurai decides to discard all newcomers except for one....

    Nice is a very difficult choice, and I think that helps me appreciate how good the roster is looking (even though none of my most most wanted characters are on it...yet). I voted for Miis, because I think they best represent what Nintendo has been up to for the past decade or so...
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    Unpopular Smash 4 Opinions - share them here!

    Hmm...let's see.... 1) A "logical" roster selected entirely on 1) Icon status in pop culture and 2) representation of Nintendo's series, projects and history is more important to me than a mechanically or aesthetically "diverse", "interesting" roster. (Note that I don't mean its more important...
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    Important The Ridley for SSB4 Thread - End of an Era

    Looking at the promotional pictures linked on the front page... Bullet Bill confirmed as Pyrosphere stage boss
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    Important The Ridley for SSB4 Thread - End of an Era

    I came here convinced that Ridley was done, but having read some of the posts here... People are going to say its denial...but now I kind of agree that this is ambiguous... I mean, all Sakurai said was that other stages would also have bosses...that's very broad and could come to mean anything...
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    Rate Their Chances Returns! Day 194: "Predicting the Direct"

    I don't come around here much, so what luck to stumble in when one of my favorite characters is up for discussion. Alexandra Roivas Chance: <1% I think that Eternal Darkness is, tragically, dead in the water. Also, if I recall it was a total flop in Japan, and probably doesn't even have the...
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    Prejudices aside, if a few characters need to be cut who will they be?

    Hmm...well to respond to the topic, which is not who I think will be cut or who I want to be cut, but who I think would be most likely to be cut if time becomes a factor... 1) Lucas and Wolf. Going out on a limb here, I know...much has been made of the fact that they are clone-ish. But what I...
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    Would you like "the leak" to be true?

    At least 2 out of the 3 seem like excellent picks to me. Little Mac--I like his spirit! Mii--I'm really surprised to see all the aversion to this character...the Mii seems like the most well known property Nintendo's created since Pokémon. Including it as as a playable character seems...
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    Your Top 10: First Parties and Third Parties

    Fun thread KBG...its nice to just be able to dream without having to worry about "what's most likely", "who deserves it". Just "I want this". 1. Alexandra Roivas (Eternal Darkness) (This game deserves recognition...and sequels.) 2. Ridley (Biggest disappointment in Brawl...) 3. Chibi-Robo (In...
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