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  • That's FAE AKA FightAdamentEevee. I posted 2 videos of him vs. me. I gotta post the other two... but my youtube account got hacked... -_-" Anyway, I would have thought you'd know him. :ohwell: He's a really well known Lucas player and a well known poster in the Lucas Boards.
    ^^That's his guide to his shenaniganzz.^^
    Heh, thank's.

    I'll look out for my predictability. I think I spot dodge to much. I gotta mix it up with just jumping out of the situation. So you might see that more next time. ;)
    Hmmm... alright, lets see... in general. You are a bit too... Hmm... you jump in the fight a bit too much. Try to weave in and out with an attack. What you can do is try to wall someone. Try this technique! You'll see how much you'll improve when you apply this to your game. In order to wall someone you have to use your character's farthers reaching attack and weave in and out. For example, Marth walls someone with thier F-air. It has a lot of range and it's tough to get in and actually hurt Marth. ._. Another one, G&W, he loves to weave in and out with that damn B-air, that turtle! >_< My Kirby wall's and spaces with b-air. I'm sure you may have knowticed it. It can be annoying as I've faced the Kirby ditto! Ness, I've seen players wall and space with thier F-air. It has nice range. Space it, weave in and out of your opponents range. You can get your opponents to become fustrated and do something out of thier confort zone and that is where you can punish! Ness's B-throw anyone? :laugh: You'll start to see that you'll need a bit more patience. Once you meet reaaaally good player's, they'll put your skills and patience to the test. Not all characters have a good attack to wall someone with though. And some characters can outrange your attempt to wall. Ex. G&W turtle>Kirby's bair. That is where you'll have to try to bait and outsmart them. Luckily, you have projectiles to spam. Space those as well. :) Though, I'm not sure what Lucas has to wall (hmm).

    I've faced a killer Lucas in teams a while ago. Maybe it's cause he does really well in teams but Lucas has that Magnet Pull and Boost Jump shenanigans! Combined with B-reversals it's hard to catch and predict that little *mumble mumble*. Try to maybe practice doing some of those and applying it to your Lucas game. Also, don't throw out too much Smash attacks with Lucas. Yeah, they are pretty strong I know but laggy too. Try to think a bit before launching it rather than hoping it will hit. I know you got it in you man, I saw you do some neat stuff.

    Whoa, wall-o-text :ohwell:
    To tell you the truth I actually surprised myself at the knees and pawnches! Hope to brawl you again soon!
    sliding and picking up the turnip thingy? o:
    it's called b-sticking or free pulling! set your c-stick to special! i can't explain it that well though :(
    as you turn around you gotta hit down on c-stick. The peach boards explains it better and there should be vids

    anyway, fun games! i'm gonna go sleep now xP
    sorry i could'nt play with you but i got to LP's game but unfortunetly it was already at 3 people when i got there sorry dude
    Really? Hmm, I saw you doing a match with someone else and it gave me that error that occurs when the other person doesn't have your friend code. It's not like I've used more than one Wii on wifi . . .

    Oh well, maybe later this week we can try battling each other to see why that happened.
    Well, is fine, we can hold off, but i sure hope to catch up with you some time irl :)
    Later bro.
    Are you old enough to drive? You're no more than prob. a 4 hour or less drive to where i am.
    Maybe you could make it to the Monthly i am attending, reply back if you want more details.
    Roswell Georgia.
    I'm in Rockdale, lol, i think you were somewhere near the top of Florida? I presume?
    lul, I don't know if you've heard of ReflexWonder or Player-3, but they're both expected at the tourney i'm attending :p
    This is going to suck for me soooooo bad, but i'm one of if not the best player in my county right now(Only player in my county, lol) can't wait to see how i do when i rival state :laugh:
    You better.
    Not really a irl tourney, unless it was with some bad people (my friends)
    The only entertainment i get from that is them getting mad at each other for sucking so bad and still being able to win a set XD
    You should join Facebook, it's much more filled with people on SWF <.<
    I re-made a Myspace, but i haven't been active on it since, lul
    Can't right now, i'm trying to keep from playing during weekdays, so i can get in more educational. Mother said i can attend my first irl tournament if i keep my school grades flashy, so that's in desperate consideration.
    You have Facebook or something?
    Where the hell did you get that? Natsumi doesn't have anything from what i'm displaying e.e

    I dont have to there is C4 on your back. "NO-..." aw he hit the mine before I could detonate my bomb..." not even close"
    Id like to play you more...everytime I see you online you quit before I get a chance to play ya.
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