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Recent content by _kSo_

  1. _kSo_

    What's this thing

    What's this thing
  2. _kSo_

    Smashboards Guide Contest - Vote Here!

    ckit wins for sure
  3. _kSo_

    Mayhem 10-18: Melee & 3DS Results - South Pasadena, CA

    super dope tournament, super dope venue super dope smashers <3 Jace - I got you next time. You'd better watch out. ~Pikazoo~
  4. _kSo_

    lmao smashboards is a social network now

    lmao smashboards is a social network now
  5. _kSo_

    thx i like it too

    thx i like it too
  6. _kSo_


  7. _kSo_

    Level|Up & Team OXY present: Super Smash Sundays @ Super Arcade! The 12th edition! Jan 26th, 2014

    Thanks for hosting, OXY! Amazing tournament, as usual. One thing tho - you guys left out my [GLG] clan tag :(((( I told them when I signed up to put it there. Gotta represent!! <33
  8. _kSo_

    Level|Up & Team OXY present: Super Smash Sundays @ Super Arcade! The 4th edition! Sep 22nd, 2013

    Important shhtufff firshhht /seanconnery THANK YOU SO MUCH TEAM OXY FOR HOSTING. Great venue, very well organized, awesome stream, and so many great memories. Anyone who hasn't gone to one of these - Go for the players. Game is secondary to how amazing I am coming to realize the socal...
  9. _kSo_

    [Sep 28, 2014] Super Smash Sundays @ Super Arcade! (Walnut, CA)

    good stuff tcb. <3 u ~PikaZoo~
  10. _kSo_

    Super Awesome Happy Fun Time Tournament - Need set-ups! - May 5th, 2013 - Chatsworth, CA

    So is this happening 100%? The front page wasn't updated and all that was said about it was Wha?'s one post....
  11. _kSo_

    Pikazoo's Deluxe Melee Tournament IV - RESULTS/VIDEO THREAD

    Hi everyone. I had a lot of fun having you all over for the tournament yesterday. I hope everyone who showed up had fun as well, regardless of whether or not you entered. :) Special thanks to Hoefler for helping out during tournament setup Anyway, here are the results: Doubles (9...
  12. _kSo_

    June 1st, WotDD UC SantabarBros tourney

    Thank you, SB for hosting this tourney. I apologize for my outburst regarding my pools placement and bracket location. I am just really unlucky with that kind of stuff and for the 3rd tourney this month I've been placed in pools with people from my car, played someone in my pool first/second...
  13. _kSo_

    Ballz Deep Results!

    yessir for a year now XD The rest of my pool (in no particular order) was Jackpot Silva A1
  14. _kSo_

    Ballz Deep Results!

    okay... 1. S2j - teach me your ways...you are a really cool guy to chill with...hope we get to hang out more and actually play XD I require your falcon knowledge! 2. Wes - play me with falco next time! I need the practice XD 3. Okami - Thanks for going easy on me in bracket :3 4. Back4hoes -...
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