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  • I seriously don't understand why Sakurai won't just give Snake a Big Boss alternate skin. I'd personally teach myself Snake for the sake of secondarying him if he just had the eye patch as an alternate skin, preferably on either an MGS3 sneaking suit alt, the currently existing tiger stripe camouflage alt, or even a MGS Peace Walker sneaking suit and/or battle dress alt. Seriously though, its a missed opportunity.

    Its just an easy way to service MGS fans a tiny bit more since i don't think Big Boss is worth warranting an echo fighter (tbh, MGS2 Raiden would make more sense).
    Shout outs to Derek9742 for making Top 12 tonight at Tampa Never Sleeps (12/15/18)! MONADO BOYZ!!!

    Still waiting on 2B
    Hey, thought I'd warn you
    Careful about the double posting!

    It's basically posting back to back in a thread. They give you a warning for a first time, but doing it too often can be problematic.

    As long as you edit: "Double Post" into it, or let them know you weren't aware of it, they'll let it slide and merge your two consecutive posts into one though.

    No need to worry about double posting in Profile posts or conversations in your Inbox, though.
    I'll start regularly updating this page once I get my hands on SSBU and a Nintendo Online Account. Until then, I'm only open for SSB4 matches (preferably 3DS, although I do own a Wii U if you need to fight me there). My 3DS FC will be up momentarily after this post.

    For anyone wondering, I main Marth and Roy primarily in SSB4, but I also pocket Cloud, Mario, and Sheik. Other than that, I just like playing swordsmen.

    The plan is to fully invest into maining Roy and Shulk once I get my hands on Smash Ultimate unless 2B is announced as DLC at some point. As for friendlies/pocket characters, I'm mostly looking at Snake, Cloud, Marcina (Marth/Lucina), Robin, Ike, Inkling, Richter, Sheik, Young Link, Falco, Palutena, and Pichu.

    Here's to getting best girl in Smash!
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