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    Who is the noob character?

    I was always told n00bs chose Roy for Melee as at lower levels of play where people aren't skilled at spacing their attacks he can appear somewhat good. My prediction for Brawl, is that the easiest character will probably be Marth but the character most often associated with n00bs will be Pit.
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    Is there any character your happy didn't make it.

    I really didn't like Midna but thank goodness Daisy is not in.
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    Least favorite final smash?

    Falco and Wolf's for obvious reasons. But I'm no fan of Captain Falcon's either. I was hoping for a gigantic Falcon Punch, not a stupid cutscene.
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    Great Aether and heartless_pit's If you're at a cosplay for Brawl who do dress as?

    For those saying Snake, I gotta ask would you go with the same skin tight look? If I had the time I'd make a Roy one, but if its gotta be Brawl I suppose I'd make a PT or Marth one. Now that I think about it my hair is probably more suited for PT than anyone else.
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    English Voice Actor Special + Snake Codecs (Updated. more Snake)

    For those who keep asking, Dedede's name is pronounced Dee dee dee in the English video where Sakurai shows all the game modes. You can find it on the Dojo. Urgh, I wish I could just buy the game without Pit or PT now. Unfortunately they're both pretty popular characters so I'll be stuck...
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    Are people angry that Ness took the place of Claus?

    Claus's place wasn't stolen by Ness. Claus just didn't get in and Ness did. It's not like without Ness, Claus would be in. I'm sad he didn't make it but people who blame Ness are just trying to find something to focus their hate on.
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    Wario Is Designed For American Players

    Well U.S. doesn't really have a name for its citizens otherwise. United Statesian?
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    Snapshot .bin file DECODED ! Online decrypting ! 16:9 mode !

    Great, I was worried my pics of Peach's underw... err Wario's sparkling smile would not be able to go on my computer. ;)
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    Finally! Some Brawl ENGLISH Voices...~UPDATED:MORE VOICES~

    I liked Meta Knight's and Falco's. Brooklyn accent ain't half bad. Pit's was absolutely horrible. I hated him before and now my hate is even greater. That Palutena phrase is just...ugh. Ike's and Fox's aren't bad but certainly not good. They both sometimes sounded good yet at other times...
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    WHO LOOK BEST?! (model wise)

    Hmmm, I'd say Falco looks 100xbetter, but I could say the same for Bowser.
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    I Met Sakurai!

    Wow, I am quite jealous. Of course I probably wouldn't be able to just go up to him and talk, much less shake his hand. Congratulations!
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    Roy and Mewtwo to be in US/PAL version of brawl/DL for japan-PROVEN FAKE

    I certainly hope its true, but if it isn't I'll just go back to how I was before hearing this "news." :ohwell:
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    Who is your favorite character (or who will you main?)

    Good to see the votes so spread out. Sonic and Marth top the list as to be expected. I just wish King Dx3 wasn't so popular.
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    Best Character Entrance?

    I love Wolf's but I'm quite taken by Meta Knight's.
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    Your Favorite Vocal Track

    Sonic Boom, Live and Learn, and Mona Pizza (English)
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