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    Honest Question Really...

    Many games use systems to track skill. This is nothing new or revolutionary. Even fans have created excellent such systems (e.g. the one that Pokemon Showdown's ladder uses). Smash Bros could be doing this in the background. I always get paired with people who are vastly inferior to me but that...
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    A 100% original character? A discussion.

    They should probably just pick Tabuu since he is really cool and the main villain of the best 1P mode in all of Smash history.
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    A 100% original character? A discussion.

    That would be good because then they could have had a cool character survive. - Mewtwo could have Teleported to a Pokemon Center - Sonic could have outrun the beams - WFT could have timed her Usmash properly - Captain Falcon could have outraced them with his F-Zero - Villager could have pocketed...
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    Are there any characters you want that nobody else wants?

    The characters that I want most are Professor Hector and Professor Vector but everyone wants them. But I also want Porygon and he might be less wanted.
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    A 100% original character? A discussion.

    Kirby being OP makes him even lamer.
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    Why has R.O.B. not gotten a stage yet and will he ever get one?

    No because those stages are not from R.O.B.'s series. Placing R.O.B. in a room does not make that room part of R.O.B.'s series. The lore of the Robot series does not change depending on where you keep R.O.B. A Robot stage would have to refer to something from the Robot series, like being a...
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    A 100% original character? A discussion.

    I dislike it. I would have preferred one of those: - Mario; because he was listed first out of the original 8 in the Smash 64 roster and is Nintendo's mascot. - Captain Falcon; because he is awesome and it is a nice nod to Smash's origins. - Mii; because then we could have customisation. -...
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    Have we seen R.O.B.'s Final Smash yet?

    R.O.B.'s Final Smash has received a major upgrade! It now looks much cooler in addition to being much more effective!
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    A 100% original character? A discussion.

    Metal Mario is 0% original since he comes straight from Mario 64. He is no more original than regular Mario is. And I think that Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Primid, and Sandbag are all 100% Smash Bros. Though I may be wrong on that one. The Fighting Polygon Team or maybe Wireframes would be neat...
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    A 100% original character? A discussion.

    TBH I would love for Sandbag to be playable. I have played as him in Melee through hacking but he knew no attacking moves and froze the game. They should include him as a joke character (and I mean a real joke character that is extra weak like Pichu in Melee and Ganondorf in SSBB were, not like...
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    A 100% original character? A discussion.

    You mean like Roy and Corin? They are ok but I have no particular affinity for either of them.
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    Why do people often SD on purpose on their second stock?

    Sometimes I insert a little of refusing to lose between my spam of not getting hit, so I am not that much of a spammer. And besides that, both are legitimate tactics even when spammed.
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    Why do people often SD on purpose on their second stock?

    My playstyle is winning. It involves spamming a lot of not getting hit.
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    Decidueye vs Incineroar

    I suspect many people might have preferred Decidueye over Incineroar and to test that I made this poll!
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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion: Age of DLC Speculation Begins

    Does anyone know what WFT is trying to do in the trailer when she gets attacked by those beams?