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  • x.x I forgot to give you all of those grimers. :088:

    Also.... I didn't know your birthday how long come and gone. Happy uber-belated birthday!
    Yo. I think I've found someone who can do those vids for you. I just thought about it because I sent some replays of myself to him for our group CV. (It's fail-fi though so I haven't done anything special except for the few offline replays I have of my sonic against my scrubby cousin. xD).

    You can send me the vids when you get a chance and I'll talk to him about getting them set. :D

    How's Vegas by the way?
    mmmmmmk. I'll ask around for you.

    You now have a five day period of no grimers. Be happy! :088:

    o.o @EDIT: NO JOHNS! Vegas is legit though have fun. :D
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