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★J.G WentWorth★

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  • You can't tell sarcasm online (at least i cant). Either way, I think it would hurt the outcome. Hope to see you there man.
    Hey. You probably noticed this but I'm not at KTAR. I was supposed to get a ride there and ditched me because he decided to go to Doom's instead of this. Maybe I can drop by sometime and get the controller.
    You're no stranger so remind me next time and I'll get you your $2. As for recording, that's for your youtube channel no?
    Usually in the evening or late night. I'm quite random with when I sign on lol
    Aha yeah keep up the good work bro. Amazing vids. Nah l can't go to Inui's :/ Prolly get to Polytek if l have no college johns. We'll definitely meet up fo sho though ;D.

    keep up the good work son
    Just wanted to throw out for the massive appreciation for you uploading the videos on youtube and the AMAZING QUALITY and AMAZING MUSIC it has. Esp thankful for you uploading ADHD and Boss's set which helped me learn alot too as well. So again, keep up the recording and kudos bro.

    btw nohomo u look mad sexy with that headphones in vc lolololo
    Hey JG, just wondering is there any way to fix match 1 against Pyronic Star? It was working initally but for some reason it always freezes towards the same spot in the end. Can't see the rest of the match anymore =/ lol

    If not its cool, hope to see you tomorrow bro!
    Wow really?? ****, maybe we forgot to record every match then. I know I recorded the match where I 3 stocked Ksizzle's little bro, guess that was Nairo? We must not have recorded every set then =/ Grrr. Up to you if you want to upload anything thats not a complete set, but I would appreciate if you could put up as much as possible.

    Thanks again man, next time we should have someone watching to make sure we record every single match no matter what! I swear when its in the heat of the moment, both people forget- especially in MM's.
    thanks for inviting me to the smash fest. when you get a chance, can you please do me a favor and upload some matches i saved on your SD card? there's a few with jigglypuff and one with falcon. They have some crazy footage that i wanna use for a tournament hype video.

    also, I'll give you some more melee practice before saffron. who do you practice with normally?
    Yeah. If you can fix the controller to fully working condition, then I'll give you $5 per controller.
    why didn't u make a video thread for the NO MAPS vids? I would of never known they existed if I wasn't randomly linked D:
    :( i thought you guys were just running the record system :( **** well thx for telling asap, see you soon :)
    Ohh oki, no worries I just figured you were on cause you were posting on smashboards lol!
    JG, I just put you on my buddy list but you're not showing up o_o do you need to add me first?
    yea most likely was goign to that. i wanna go to jigglemasters. im tired of not top 5 lol, sunday one tho ima make it. i randomly got really bad again lol need to pick up the game, come loose money to my meta!! lol
    do you make sigs? if u ever bored or anything wanna use a final fantasy char ( cloud, seph, kadaj) or kingdom hearts char ( roxas, riku, axel)

    then could u make me one with my name (seph) thanks bro take ur time no rush whenever u got free time or w.e let me know
    Hey, nice meeting you at GIMPED. BTW howd you get eliminated? I saw your match against Chibo, but thats it.
    Hmm, I quit mid tourney. I threw my R4 match (Three stocked my opponent's C. Falcon, lol) Then realized I wasn't feeling well, and let him win the next two rounds.

    You could've placed higher. Who did you main?
    I'd sure hope that I would win if I did a ditto match with you. After all, I am responsible for the Samus guide that we have in the Samus Character Chat here at SWF. Anyway, I'm taking a break from Wi-Fi matches. As you can see in my signature, "Wi-Fi brawls are a joke." I have my reasons. Just head over to All is Brawl and check my blog.
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