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  • Uuh, hey. I'd like to know whether it was possible to get any vids from smack for download. Unless you killed the original vids, I'd like to have the originals or little compressed 320x240 resolution versions of them. Maybe upload em to someplace like filefront or megaupload or something or give em to ajp but yea, it would be better to have em up as downloads than simply stream, the stream kinda kills the quality. :/ I might also fancy doing some combo vid possibly or just research.
    I really need to know. I need that guy's email. It would be much simpler if you just housed me yourself. Can't you do that? Fuzzyness and I aren't even dating anymore, so it's not like we'll have sex in your house. Furthermore, we're still friends, so it won't be awkward either.

    If I don't get an answer soon, I probably won't be able to go.
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