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Zero Suit Samus Video Spotlight

Zero Suit Samus Video Spotlight

Game Versions
Smash Wii U
Hello guys welcome to my amateur ZSS spotlight video (link only). I am also an up and coming streamer! I made a pledge to make tutorial AND COMBO video for all my fav characters every week or so! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5c1LeRChogI

I ask the video game & smash community to show me support, spread the love, and criticsm. Please dont hold anything back! If I mumble too much tell me, if I make an incorrect statement please tell me.


I love you all and Nintendo
cheers, Karmaboii :4zss::4littlemac:
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I learned a few tips there. Great for those who are starting with ZSS, such as myself.
I appreciate your input y friend!
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