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Zero Suit Samus for Dummies (IN PROGRESS)

Game Versions
Smash Wii U
Zero Suit Samus for Dummies


Zero Suit Samus is a very nimble character with fast attacks that require skill and precision. ZSS is not only very attractive but also well equipped for battle with a fairly well rounded kit providing exciting and balanced game play. Overall ZSS is among the best in the game if used articulately. Her combos are fast and fearsome if executed properly.

Costumes Tier List

#1 White
#2 Default Baby Blue
#3 Black
#4 Justin Bailey
#5 Orange Shorts
#6 Blue Shorts
#7 Blue
#8 Ugly Green

  • Fast
  • Amazing recovery (arguably the best in the game)
  • High skill cap
  • Great aerial spacing
  • Very diverse game play
  • Strong kill set-ups
  • Well rounded kit
  • Tether grab
  • Z-air
  • Solid throw combos
  • Aerials ground cancel lag
  • Ability to wall jump
  • Crawling animation ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Projectiles
  • Very light
  • Predictable engage
  • Tether grab
  • Lots of laggy ground attacks
  • Tall hitbox
  • Some janky hitboxes

Aerial Attacks

Up Air (8%) - Very fast, low cooldown attack with large hitbox. ZSS's up air is a strong combo move into any of her other aerials.

Forward Air (5% first hit, 7% second hit) - Fast two hit attack that works well spacing and ledge guarding air dodgers.

Back Air (10%-12%) - Very strong, high knockback kick that combos well at low percents. Great at racking up percent and killing offstage opponents. Great at spacing out opponents onstage as well.

Neutral Air (10%) - ZSS's best way of spacing out opponents. Moderate shield hit stun. Long range, angled attack that allows Zero Suit Samus to attack from a moderately safe angle. Low knockback allows for follow ups at low to medium percents. Combos into F-tilt, F-Smash, and grab at low percents.

Down Air (5%-6%) - Situational attack only used for show boating. Meteor mashes during first few frames. However, this attack is very risky. Avoid being above the opposing player.

Z-Air (3%/6%) - Great spacing tool that cancels on the ground.

Ground Attacks

Jab (1.5%, 1.5%, 3%) - Low damage, fast jab combo. First jab comes out frame 1, very good at combo breaking.

Dash Attack (5%/8%) - Extremely fast attack that does not really combo well. Very bad lag after use. Recommended if punishing across from stage. Most of the time, a running Up Smash is the better option.
Forward Tilt (6%-8%) - Fast solid damaging attack. Very good at comboing into a grab at low percents.

Down Tilt (6%/8%) - Laggy, moderate damage attack. Very situational, not recommended for use

Up Tilt (5%, 7%) - High risk, high reward attack. Very strong damage, and high knockback growth. Very laggy however.

Tether Grab (2% Pummel) - Very slow ranged grab, with very high cooldown after use. All throws are fairly bad except the down throw. Down throw combos into practically all aerials. Very punishable if whiffed.

Forward Smash (5%, 11%) - Strongest KO ground attack. High percent damage, with long cooldown. Very punishable.

Down Smash (6%/8%) - Situational zap attack. Stuns opponents then knocks them up and away. Very good for comboing into Down B aerial kick.

Up Smash (4%, 0.8% hits 2-6, 3%) - Long range multi-hit vertical attack. Poor knockback but does kill at very high percents. Very good at hitting air dodgers.

Floor Attacks (5%/7%) - Otherwise known as a "Get Up Attack." Her floor attack actually hurts. Use it to change things up. Which is what this character does best.

Ledge Attack (7%) - Fairly strong for a ledge attack. Mix things up. Don't focus doing one thing too much with ZSS. She's a well rounded character.

Special Attacks

Neutral Special
(4%-6%) - Slow attack good for zoning and approaching your opponent. Very good at reversing air momentum and changing up approaches. However, projectiles clank with the laser and cancel each other out. Yes, a Luigi fireball clanks with a fully charged laser.

Forward Special (1%/2%/6%) - Very situational. Used mostly for grabbing ledge. Has decent knockback with moderate range.

Down Special (8% footstool, 14% kick) - The bread and butter of Zero Suit Samus's recovery. ZSS heavily relies on approach and recovery mixups with her Down Special. Great recovery option, however, very laggy if the kick is used. The kick is best used after charged down smash at high percents.

Up Special (5%, 1.3%, 4%) - Zero Suit Samus's best kill option. Able to kill easily off the top of the stage. Down throw combos into Up Special at high percents and is a very good kill confirm. Up Airs combo into Up Special as well since they have low to moderate knockback with very low ending lag. Overall, very solid recovery move as well as kill move.


Up Taunt: "Is that all?"

Side Taunt: "Try me."

Down Taunt: "You're mine."

Victory Screens

Hold A

Hold X

Hold Y

Stage List

Battlefield - Battlefield's classic 3 platform setup in my opinion is very good for Zero Suit Samus. The platforms allow ZSS to chain aerials such as up air very well. Also, the platforms allow her an escape route from your opponents spammed projectiles. Battlefields high ceiling and wide blast zones allow Zero Suit to live longer, as she is the 10th lightest character in the game. However, larger blast zones only make it harder for ZSS to kill, making the size of the stage a double edged sword.

Final Destination -

Town & City -

Smashville -

Dreamland 64 -

Delfino Plaza -

Halberd -
Castle Siege -

Lylat Cruise -

Duck Hunt -

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