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What's up fellow smash players, I am Kid Alchemy and I am here to give you a guide on Villager. Villager was the only character in my guide "What dat Marth do" that got requested for me to make a guide on using my personal guide format. So here we go,Villager.

Villager is predominantly a zoning character who relies on keeping opponents away with his multiple projectiles. Here are his pros and cons.


Multiple projectiles

Strong and useful aerials

Pocket is a useful way to deal with projectiles

Long distance recovery

Amazing edgeguarding

Bthrow is a great kill throw


Fairly lightweight

Susceptible recovery

Inconsistency of uair and dair can cost you some kills

Can have some trouble killing without edgeguarding

Villager's neutral:

This section will go over which of Villager's moves are safe in neutral and how to use them.

Jab: Villager's jab is great due to it being a quick two hit combo lacking a finishing hit. This makes it safe since it doesn't have a lot of lag. You can even jab your opponent's shield repeatedly widdling down their shield. Jab is also good for getting space and can start combos.

Utilt: Utilt is a great anti air and combo starter. In the event you catch your opponent jumping alot to approach you, you can use utilt to punish them for it.

Nair: Nair is a good move to use in neutral. It comes out extremely fast and lasts a while. It's great for getting breathing room and is a good combo breaker.

Fair: One of Villager's main tools in neutral. It's main use is to keep opponents away and rack up damage.

Bair: Like fair its main use is to keep opponents away and rack up damage. But bair comes out slightly slower than fair and deals more damage and knockback.

Pocket: Situational move to use in neutral. If going against a character who is projectile reliant or who has a very powerful projectile use pocket to make yourself even more of a threat.

Lloyd rocket: Another situational move to use in neutral. If the opponent isn't fast enough to punish you during its startup then it is a safe zoning option and can force defensive options from your opponent. And if they get predictable with how they deal with the rocket you can punish them for it.

Tree: Yet another situational move in neutral. If the opponent isn't fast enough or is far enough away you can use this move for multiple reasons. It gives you more stage control, can shield you from projectiles, and can give Villager extra items like the water pail which can be used to edgeguard and the axe which has good killing power.

Villager's movement:

This section will go over how to move with Villager in neutral.

Tomahawks: Tomahawking is important in Villager's neutral. Villager's aerials force opponents to shield and tomahawking makes your opponent think you are about to perform an aerial, therefore scaring them into their shield. With Villager being a zoning character keeping your opponent in shield is important. When they are in shield they cant approach you so keeping them in shield will help in keeping them away.

Fading/Drifting: While performing aerials or even tomahawking with Villager fading either forward or backward helps make your movement more safe and more unpredictable. Mixing up when you fade forward or backward also helps throw off your opponent's out of shield punishes.


This section will go over which of Villager's moves are best for spacing.

Fair: Fair is Villager's main spacing tool. It's very safe since its a projectile and so long as you don't use it at a distance where your opponent can run in and attack in between attacks then you should be fine. Cover your landing with jabs in case they do try to punish you.

Bair: Like fair its fairly safe so long as its done from a safe distance. But keep in mind bair is slower than fair and since when you land your back with be to your opponent jab wont be optimal for covering your landing. Instead quickly short hop and do a nair.

Lloyd rocket: A situational spacing tool that can really mess with your opponent's approach. It forces them to either shield, jump, or reflect if they have one(With the exception of Rosalina's gravitational pull being somewhat of an absorb). If they shield you can continue to apply pressure with fair or run up and grab them. If they jump you can just fair them. And if they reflect it you can pocket it.

Axe(Tree): If you happen to have the tree planted, Villager's axe becomes a powerful spacing tool.


In this section I will go over Villager's methods of approaching.

Nair: Nair is a quick, fast approach option. Due to its long duration you can fade away during the move in the event you hit your opponent's shield. Nair as an approach option is most optimal when your opponent is so close that any other move would be too slow.

Fair: Fair is "fair"ly good approach option(see what I did there? ). If the attack connects at a close enough distance the knockback should give you enough time to get in close and followup or just gain stage control.

Lloyd rocket: Lloyd rocket is an amazing approach tool. It has a bit of startup but is still good. You can run behind the rocket and either predict or react to your opponents decision.

Tomahawk: Tomahawking will scare most opponents into shield and you can just fast fall and apply pressure to their shield with jab.

Out of shield options:

This section will cover Villager's most rewarding out of shield options.
Jab: Jab is a quick option out of shield. It's ability to start combos makes it a good way to turn the tables on opponents.

Utilt: Utilt is fairly quick and can start combos making it pretty good out of shield.

Dtilt: Slightly slower than utilt but about the same combo potential.

Nair: Nair is extremely fast and is a great out of shield option. If they misspace an attack on your shield you can just short hop quickly and use nair to get them away from you.

Fair: In the event an opponent hits your shield with a disjointed attack fair is a good way to come out of shield since other options won't have enough range.

Covering the ledge:

These are Villager's options for covering opponents attempting to get up from the ledge.

Nair: Nair has a long duration and also comes out extremely fast making it a good tool for covering the ledge. Simply short hopping and fast falling nairs at the ledge beats multiple ledge get up options while also leaving you free to react with a bair or fair or uair.

Tree: Having a tree at the ledge forces your opponent to make a quick decision. Because of this they may make a hasty mistake that you can punish. You can intimidate them by chopping the tree forcing them to get up from the ledge and because of the tree's height it falling covers normal getup, get up attack, and jump.


Villager's options for keeping opponents from getting back to the stage.

Dash attack: Dash attack is a good way to cover low recoveries if you're not in position to drop a bowling ball or jump off and contest their recovery.

Fsmash: Fsmash is a great way to punish low recoveries. You can charge it to bait out their airdodge or just drop it as they are rising with their recovery.

Nair: Because of nair's fast start up and long duration its a good tool for gimping and stopping recoveries like quick attack or fox illusion. It can also stage spike.

Fair: Fair is a safe way to edgeguard. You can literally just fair an opponent without even having to go far from the stage. But keep in mind the closer you are to them when fair comes out the more damage and knockback is dealt.

Bair: A slightly slower but stronger fair basically. When going offstage you can b reverse pocket to position yourself to use bair to edgeguard.

Dair: Dair is a gamble like uair in that you don't know if you'll get three turnips. But if your opponent is recovering low and you wanna go for it then go for it.

Lloyd rocket: A great projectile to force opponents to recover low or to challenge horizontal recoveries.

Tree: You can not only chop down the tree to hit opponents before they grab the ledge but you can also use the axe to edgeguard and you can use the water pail to push opponents from the ledge which is very effective against recoveries that dont sweet spot the ledge.

Punishing airdodges:

Villager's most rewarding options for punishing airdodges

Fsmash: You can punish opponents airdodging offstage by charging fsmash and drop that bowling ball right on their head.

Usmash: Opponents trying to land will sometimes airdodge so you can charge usmash to punish them. Also usmash's range makes it fairly safe to challenge opponents landing with attacks.

Fair: You can simply wait for them to airdodge and punish it with fair. Due to fair's range airdodging is what most people resort to.

Bair: Same as fair but with more damage and knockback

Uair: Uair is a good way to punish airdodges especially if you get three turnips. With three turnips it is a punish that can easily kill.

Dair: Like uair it is a great punish especially if you get three turnips. With three turnips its a powerful spike that can take stocks fairly early.

Punishing rolls:

Villager's tools for punishing rolls.

Dsmash: A great way to punish rolls and setup for combos and kills.

Fair: If your opponent likes to roll away from you fair can easily still hit them and help rack up damage.


Villager's most efficient and effective combos.

Low percent:






Mid percent:





High percent:

(most of his high percent combos are kill setups so I will cover those in that section)

Kill setups:

Villager's most effective kill setups.




(all very dependent on how many turnips are produced)


Villager's effective mixups to catch your opponent off guard.

Dash past>pivot grab


Dash past>pivot fsmash


Useful tools for helping Villager get back to the stage

Fair: You can use fair to challenge opponents attempting to edgeguard you and due to its range its fairly safe.

Uair: When recovering low you can use uair to hit through the stage and punish opponents standing at the ledge.

Lloyd rocket: You can use this to pressure opponents standing at the ledge and to cover yourself recovering.

Alright well that's my guide on Villager. Let me know what you think of my guide and its structure as well as any other characters you would like me to make a guide on. And remember, Villager's face, is not the face of mercy.
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Good guide! I knew a lot of this already but a must read for people starting out, I think this could be one of the best Villager guides on Smashboards. I admit, I really need to be more careful with my llyod rocket since sometimes people will hit me before I can fully activate it.
Good job, I like the categorization of moves in this guide.. appreciated work
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