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Toon Link Advanced Tutorial Smash 4 (Video)

Toon Link Advanced Tutorial Smash 4 (Video)

Game Versions
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
I'm not a great editor ^^'...but I do know a lot about Link and Toon Link. This video has just about all of Toon Link's advanced tech (seeing as there's already a bunch of beginners guides) and one of my one hybrid creations that is applicable to Toon Link. This tutorial also accumulates a lot of technique that others have found individually.

Thanks to TM Hylen and Wheo for inspiration in this video.
Skip to 1:20 if you wanna skip intro
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Pretty awesome guide. I don't think the C4 thing works anymore though. I use the reverse arial rush to catch the bimbs I throw. Helped me a lot with my Toon link. Keep up the good work!
Trust me it still works, the timing is like right before u hit the ground and it can be a little annoying to get the muscle memory
Great guide! One thing I should note though, is that the dialogue doesn't quite line up with the gameplay footage, and sometimes you fail while talking about a swaggin' tech. Very informative.
Yeah, sorry if it seems a little choppy. I didn't spend much time polishing it because I made it for some club members at my High School that were asking for one.
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