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Hey I'm a sheik main living in socal:). I've mained sheik for a while now (since wii u came out) first if your using a 3ds sheik is going to be alot worse. It's nearly mandatory for you to change your controls to optimise sheik. First set one of your shoulder buttons to jump then c stick to tilt and tap jump off. This will let you use tilts and aireals better and more effectively. First start with practicing. Practice perfect pivots, dash dancing, Fox trotting, wave bouncing, and needle cancelling. The most important thing for sheik is her incredible movement. After this it is up to you. Sheik players have many different play styles and you need to find yourself. If any of you want to play me dm me I'll be on wii u whenever your ready :)
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This is not really a guide. All ur telling ppl is what button layout u should be using and what techniques are good for movement, but it's not really sheik specific. The movement options mentioned above are good on a lot of the cast and should be practiced regardless what character u play. This is not a sheik guide whatsoever and just generic info that any competitive or even casual smash player would give you.
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