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The Queen Of Hyrule: Sheik

Game Versions
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
Red= Crucial Yellow= Good to know/do Green= Not as important

Sheik is a very good character being fourth on the tier list right before Diddy Kong. She was introduced in melee and can rule the stage with one hit. Her strengths are in combos, conditioning, stage control, mobility, and 50/50's. Her weaknesses can be rather fatal as they are being a lightweight, killing and sometimes being a fast faller.
Moveset and basic true combos
Jab- Used for Combos, ledge trapping, out of shield, and conditioning.
Jab 1 and 2 > grab/instant dash attack (0%-435%) After that follow up with a fair instead. XD
Extra- None
Conclusion- Jab is a really good shield poke and for getting your opponent in a bad situation, or getting a grab. Unfortunately rapid jab can be gotten out of with SDI or punished at higher percents unless your opponent is very close to you

Forward Tilt- Used for tilt combos, combo starting, combo extending, 50/50's and kill setups.
F-tilt into repetitive f tilts. When opponent is out of range use aerial of choice (About 0%-32%) Fair > f-tilt. (About 55%-70%)
Extra: If you reach the ground during one of Sheik's longer combos you can use a F-tilt to extend it or follow up with an up air.
Conclusion: F- tilt is one of Sheik's best tools for getting an early percent that follows up into massive combos or sets up 50/50's at higher percents.

Up Tilt- Used for combo extending and kill setups.
Up-tilt > Bouncing fish (About 20%-120% Than becomes a 50/50 until 138%) Backwards facing Up-tilt > Up smash (About 55%-87% anything lower use dash attack/grab) Up-tilt > Anything but special moves and up or back facing attacks. (0%-5% Both hits 0%- Second hit
Extra: I would advise using up-tilt for either kill confirms or combo extenders because using them to start combos can be very risky, for it can be punished due to having 2 parts to it.
Conclusion: Up-tilt is good as long as you have an almost guaranteed hit on your opponent or your in the middle of a read that your sure will be correct.

Down Tilt- Used in kill confirms and combo starters. (It can also be used rarely as a combo extender.)
Combos: D-Tilt > Any aerial except for Bair (About _%-_%)

Before you read more it is important to master: Short hop> Fair> Fast fall. This is Sheik's most crucial movement as it can be used for punishes, combo extending, combo starting, and defensive play. The easiest way to master this is by going onto training mode and doing this 10 times in a row on every character in the game. Now I know if you haven't already mastered this it can be extremely tedious and difficult so it can always be fun just to make a goal for yourself each day like "Today I'm going to get 10 short hop fast fall fairs on all the Mario characters and then I can get a snack and do something else." Once you get the fair part done, practice with other aerials as every single aerial is a combo starter except for fast fall up air which only starts a couple of combos.
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