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The Perfect Sheik - Sheik guide (mostly Sheik combos)

Game Versions
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
First, I'll cover moves u should be using.

Ftilt - allows u to combo into another ftlilt or fair at low to mid percents. great combo starter.

Utilt - can hit enemies on platforms like battlefield while ftilt can't. can combo into bouncing fish at low to mid percents. bit of starting lag. can jab lock if only hit by first hit

Dtilt - can hit opponents below stage when used close on the ledge. can combo into up air or fair ex. rosalina using up-b can be hit by dtilt

USmash - Strongest when sweet spotted, can be sweet spotted on enemies on battlefield lower platform

DSmash - can cover rolls and opponents on the ledge, should use it little to almost never because of the lack of knockback

Nair - an Oos option, sour spotted nair can combo into bouncing fish at 70 ~ 130 (estimate). Fast fell, can jab lock

Fair - combos into other short hop fairs, your bread and butter move when playing sheik. u want to fast fall most fair's at low percents.

Uair - Can kill at high percents, can catch ur opponents easily

Bair - Can do good knockback, good to stage spike or to trump then bair


Neutral B (needles)- can juggle opponents with, extremely good and can rack up damage

Side B (grenade)- can hit opponents offstage, throw then grab ledge, otherwise u shouldn't use it

Down B (bouncing fish)- good knockback, one of ur main mid to high percent killing options. When ur opponent if offstage, go for it often to try to get a kill

Up B (vanish)- good knockback, another killing option

All other moves that i didn't list shouldn't be moves u use during ur matches.
Here are ur throw combos to use:

Lower percents:

F throw -> 2-3 SH fairs - good to get stage control, can set up an edge guarding opportunity. racks up about 16-19% damage. works at lower percents

F throw -> bouncing fish - good to use when u got a grab near the ledge. works at 0-60%. 19% damage

here's a combo if u get a grab facing away from the ledge at 0-20%ish:
F throw -> 2 Fairs -> walk up shield then grab -> f throw -> bouncing fish
can rack up insane damage

Mid to High percents:

F throw -> 1 full hop fair - good to do damage and get stage control

F throw -> 1 full hop fair -> 1 short/full hop fair - it's not guaranteed, but it will land at mid percents

F throw -> 1 full hop -> bouncing fish right away after pressing jump - kill mix up from d throw uair

D throw -> Uair - at mid percents, it hits most of the time. at higher percents, if u don't think ur opponent is going to air dodge, use uair.

D throw -> vanish - only use at higher percents to not stale vanish. if u think ur opponent is going to air dodge, use vanish. d throw usually has a 50 - 50 chance to kill ur opponent.

I don't use back throw too often, only just to follow it up with back air or full jump reverse bouncing fish but i usually use d throw and f throw

Bouncing fish combos:

Fair/ sweet spot nair -> bouncing fish - good for racking up damage at lower percents

Sour spot nair -> bouncing fish - can kill at higher percents, also racks damage well at mid percents

(f throw to bouncing fish was mentioned above)

Needles -> bouncing fish - my FAVORITE way to kill someone. good for edge guarding. timing on needles is very tricky. to perform this, u need to do a full hop, almost instantly press b, then press down b. Practice this in training mode. I would use this with not tap jump but a full hop from the jump button because it makes it so much easier. i use jump button only to short hop, so if ur like me u will have trouble at first. If u do a full hop, hit ur target with needles, and then do a bouncing fish before hitting the ground, ur successful. if not try until it works.

As a sheik player, u also want to know how to ledge trump. Here's My Smash Corner's how to ledge trump video:


The Stage Choices:

Battlefield: One of ur best stages, if not the best. u can kill early with a sweet spot up smash, and platforms make ur combos interesting. bigger blast zones do suck, but might be better for living up to high percents.

Smashville: My personally best stage. U can charge ur needles safely with the moving platform, and easy to get stage control. smaller blastzones allows u to kill early.



:4lucario:Lucario (45-55): This matchup really depends on how well u play. If u can kill lucario without letting it kill u with aura, u will win. Lucario will kill u early with aura. Even though lucario is light, sheik's hard time with killing but damage racking up ability will allow lucario to kill early with a force palm or aura sphere->usmash set ups.

:4olimar:Olimar: (65-45): If u can rush down olimar and not let it rack up too much damage on u, u will win. u want to use nairs and fairs to get pickmin off of u and just want to try and stage spike olimar everytime he goes offstage.


Possible secondaries to have:

:4diddy:Diddy Kong: My personal secondary, diddy strong kill power and banana game allows u to cover a lot of sheik's bad matchups.




That is all i can think of for sheik combos. Pls tell me what i can improve on in the comments and what to add. TY

:sheikmelee::sheik::4sheik: <- love all of them!
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Albeit very brief, this does cover most of Sheik's basic combos. I would add ones you can get off Jab, the U-tilt jab reset and some of the "Void Combos". Also, if you wouldn't mind, fixing the "u"s and replacing them with you, that would be great.
I am making a new guide, just for "you"
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