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The Hero of Winds-a Smash 4 Toon Link Guide (work in progress)

Game Versions
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
Toon Link is Link's adorable cartoony counterpart who debued in the Wind Waker. In smash 4 he is a smaller and faster link. This means he is lighter, faster, and generally a little weaker. This also means that he has better combos and air game, though. I personally think that he is a much better version of link, as he actually has safe poke tools and a good recovery.

  • He is very fast. This makes him a very good zoner with the ability to switch to applying pressure up close very quickly.
  • His air game is very good. He has a couple of fast aerials with good combo potential and a couple killing ones that are very strong and easily comboed into.
  • He as an above average projectile and zoning game with his boomerang and bombs. They are also really good combo tools, so if you land one, you can easily use his speed to run in and follow up
  • Most of his moves are very safe if spaced correctly.
  • Has a kill throw
  • has an excellent zair
  • Very light, so he can be easily KOed.
  • His grounded kill power uses 2 moves, one of which is very slow and punishable.
  • Has a very slow grab. It's not Pac-man level slow and useless, but it should only be used if you're absolutely sure it will land
  • Aside from a kill throw, he gets almost nothing from grabs. Throws deal low damage and have very few follow-ups.
More updates as soon as I can get the data.
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