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The Eagle Rank Strategy

The Eagle Rank Strategy

Game Versions
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U

This Guide is for players who are familiar with Falco and his moves/attacks etc.

Here are some Key Attacks that are used quite often in many combos, and deal hefty amounts of damage...
Fire Bird: (Up B)

Falco's Reflector: ( Down B)

Falco Phantasm: (Side B)

Falco's Laser Blaster: (Standard B)

Move Breakdown:

Before we head straight for combos... Let's look over his moves, alongside their pros and cons etc.

Fire Bird- Does 19% (Max.)
Pros: Good for Recovery, Good for mid-air attacks
Cons: Vulnerable for projectile attack during entire animation,

Tips: Never use this move on the ground, this leaves you open for any attack, use only for recovery or hitting opponents in air

Falco Phantasm- Does 7%
Pros: Sends the foe upwards slightly, can meteor smash foes, Good vertical recovery, you can preform your (Up B) anytime before touching the ground
Cons: If used incorrectly, you may have just (Side B) off the stage

Tips: Use this to dunk foes, in the event you both are struggling to recover! You can even try to use it to dunk people above the stage

Falco’s Reflector- Does 5%
Pros : Deflects almost everything, from projectiles to F.L.U.D.D.'s water!
Cons: Falco kicks his reflector, so unlike Fox, you need to time it just right to activate unlike Fox where you can sit and hold (Dwn B) and be just as fine.
Tips: If going against a foe with projectiles, don't use it as often, making your player forget that you have that move ready to use at anytime. Then, surprise them with it at just the right time!

Falco’s Laser Blaster Does 3%

Pros : Stuns foes for a bit, causes them to flinch.
Cons: Compared to Fox, there is a slight delay between, Falco's Laser, with Falco having a slower reaction time, and more delay between each blast.
Tips: Use this for ranged shots, however be careful when going up against a character who can deflect your lasers, they can still make you stunned too ya know!

Now slow down there slugger, just one more pre-caution before we get into the combos.....

Falco's Strengths, Weaknesses and Priorities:

As of Smash 4, Falco ranks on the lighter side of the fighters weight wise, he scores an 82, just behind Little Mac, and in front of ZSS.

Looks like those prosthetic boots didn't weigh him down after all!

Falco is generally at an advantage when against- Bowser, King DDD, R.O.B. etc

If used well Falco does Good against- Fox, Mario, Ness etc
(Mid- Heavyweights)

If used well Falco does O.K. against- Marth, Pit, Palutena etc
(Mid weights)

Falco is generally at a disadvantage when up against- Mr G&W, Jigglypuff etc

Now it's time to become a Falco Combo Pro!

Here are some quick easy combos to start out with...

The Weavile Effect:
Side B > Side B > Side B > Running A (Total 44%)
(This can go on FOREVER if done correctly!)

Canary Combo:
Up Th> nAir > Fwd Smash (Total 39%)

Red Robin Combo: "I'm always three steps ahead"
Fwd Th> Running A > Up Smash > Up Tlt > Back Air (Total 55%)

Blue Jay Combo:
Dwn B > Grab > Pummel 2x > Back Th > Running A (Total 27%)

Eagle Combo:
Back Th > Running A > Up Smash > Fwd Air > Fwd Air (Total 63%)

Final Note: As you play with Falco overtime, you will learn more combos yourself too! Feel free to experiment with Falco and his moveset to find out even more about the Space Ace himself!
Dante's Inferno
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Latest reviews

None of the combos are true. Not too bad tho
Only goes over Falco's specials, poor grammar/sentence structure, and when does forward air ever combo into another forward air??
I liked this very much.
I just can't get over those combos.
None of them are actually combos and some of them depend on the other player to just run into your attacks almost as it they wanted to gain percent. I wish Smash 4 were more combo heavy, but sadly it isn't, it's more about waiting for your opponent to get into a tight spot and punishing properly when they overstep.
Otherwise, cool pictures, nice writing and good effort.
I thought this guide was well presented and written, but I'm questioning whether some of the advanced combo's can actually be done in a real match. For reliable throw combos at certain percents use up throw to u-air and down throw to b-air, and d-tilt/u-tilt to f-air/u-air are also nice combos to use.
Dante's Inferno
I agree too, i will probably make an update with more realistic combos soon
Love the combos, pictures, and writing style. I might even play Falco once or twice now.
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