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Stay Fresh!! An inkling guide - Part 3 advantage/disadvantage

Part 3

Welcome took a hiatus but I'm back now so let's get into it

not really too much to cover as her advantage state is the same as most other characters in the game. You want the opponent above you and want to keep them there as much as you can. The Better your fundamentals the longer you should be able to hold this state

the same as most other characters again, you are at a disadvantage if you are above your opponent this however is much harder to escape due to the fact that b reverses don't do much for inkling in terms of switching her momentum leaving you with fewer options than most characters so don't use your air dodge unless you are about to die and if possible try to get to the ledge.

Not too much info in this one but game states are pretty standard for inkling. See you in the next one
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