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Solid Snake Guide

Snake has made his return.
And with that comes the vastly improved version of Solid Snake, compared to his Brawl appearance.
I have been playing him for quite some time now, and i want to share what i know about this character with anyone who wants to learn to play, or counter him.

The Moves:
Jab: Nothing special really, wouldn't recommend throwing it out all the time like you would with fox or pikachu.
It's 2 punches and a kick, racking up around 10%.


Side tilt: A 2 hit move which comes out fairly fast.
I would suggest using this move over your jab, since this move does more damage, launches opponents further, and actually has kill potential at the edge.

Up tilt: This is one of your most reliable kill moves.
If you can hit the sweetspot, it can kill light characters as soon as 80%.
The best part is that even the sourspot can kill, and the move is fairly safe on shield as well, as it will create some distance between you and your opponent upon hitting their shield.

Down tilt: The move itself is allright, but it's Snake's crawl that makes this move good.
Snake ducks down very low, making certain projectiles miss him.
If your opponent keeps spamming certain projectiles, you can crawl towards them and hit them with this move.


Side smash: A perfect example of high risk, high reward.
This smash does a ton of damage and can actually kill insanely early.
However, start-up is fairly long.
You can't really combo in this, the only way you'll hit this, is if you hard read your opponent.
If your opponent is being predictable, try catching a roll or jump with this move.
Even if they shield it, the shield stun and distance created by the move will make it very hard for your opponent to punish it.
HOWEVER, do not throw this move out randomly.
If your opponent dodges or baits it, they can get a free punish off of you.

Up smash: This is one of the more unorthodox smashes in the game.
It's not your regular punch/slash em' up moves, it's one of Snake's neutral tools.
It CAN be used as a smash attack, but the first hit of the move doesn't always link into the second, hence why that's risky.
It's better to use as a ledgetrap, or when your opponent keeps trying to jump over you.

Down smash: Your regular 2 side hitting down smash.
You can use it to catch a roll, but it doesn't have a lot of killing power.


Grenade/neutral B: The move you either love or hate.
Snake can have 2 grenades out max, and they are z dropabble (Hold the nade, then shield or roll so that the nades drop).
This move plays an important part in Snake's neutral, as he wants to have these out most of the time.
You can try jumping towards your opponent and z drop the nades to try and approach them, or lay them down all over the stage so they come to approach you.
This is basically Snake's way of controlling the game, and controlling the pace.
Good Snake players will always be in control using this move.
You can also cook the nades and throw them out later, or keep holding them and trade with your opponent (If the opponent attacks you while you are holding a nade, you will both blow up).
If you are at equal stocks or you have the stock lead, you can go for trades to rack up the opponents damage.

Nikita/side B: Snake's edgeguarding tool.
If your opponent is recovering in unpredictable ways, this will certainly make them watch their toes.
You should only use this move if your opponent is off stage, since it leaves you quite vulnerable.
People will try to doge this by jumping over it or going low, so the best way to catch people with this, is to aim it above them, it will really limit their options.

C4/down B: This move is also a stage control tool.
In my opinion it's not as opposing as Snake's nades, but it's bound to catch some people off guard if they forget it about it, since it can be quite hard to miss thanks to its size.
The hard part about mastering this tool, is the fact that it's manual detonation.
I am still figuring out where the best spots are, but from what i've seen, it's best to place it at one edge of the stage.
If you put it in the centre, people will jump over it, where if you put it on one side, they either have to take damage OR approach you.
This setup is especially useful if your opponent is respawning.
This bomb goes off after half a minute, so try to keep track of it so you don't kill yourself (has happened to me!)

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