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Shulk Tech: Monado Art Landing Lag Cancel

Shulk Tech: Monado Art Landing Lag Cancel

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4.67 star(s) 6 ratings

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I am from the perspective of the person that made the guide which Jerm took inspiration from (source: his comment in my video). Since my guide is over 2 months old (wow, it has really been that long?), I was hoping Jerm's guide would go far beyond my 2 month old guide. Yes, it covers a few more methods from which somebody could do the MALLC. However, it is missing a lot of useful information. You can read more into what is missing in my post in the discussion section. Also, there is that "25 millisecond" mistake, which needs to get fixed if possible. What I do like about the guide is it at least will reach a wider audience.

The guide does not go beyond expectations, so I will not rate it as if it does. It will still benefit the Shulk community, so I like that Jerm made it.
just fix the time of the activation art and that's it, just perfect and helpfull video
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