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Shulk ledge get up option coverage

Game Versions
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
Intro to short hop fastfall art cancel back air ledge coverage
Shulk has some of the best offstage edgeguard options in the game, however there are a lot of situations where going offstage is extremely dangerous. Characters like ryu and bayonneta can make you hesitate to go offstage at all. Sometimes you are forced to let them get to the ledge without challenging them. Fear not though, shulk also has an amazing option to challenge opponents who are standing up from the ledge. Shulks short hop fastfall art cancel back air can hit every ledge get up option while you remain in control of the stage and are nearly impossible to punish.

I havent seen any shulks doing this, and i believe it is an essential part of shulks game. I hope to explain how to execute this option, and cover important things to keep in mind.


The execution is exactly how it sounds; it is a short hop fastfall art cancel back air. to preform this you must not have any arts active, then select the desired art (any art works for this) and immediately jump, then immediately back air and fast fall as soon as you pass the apex of your jump. If done correctly your back air will hit just above the ground and you will land with almost no landing lag (or none if done perfectly). do this while facing away from the ledge and spaced so your back air just reaches the end of the stage and you will cover every ledge getup option (will not cover waiting on ledge or drop from ledge and jump onto stage). you should learn how to art cancel before attempting this. Jerms guide to art cancelling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34v54e5lhjQ

Unfortunately you cannot react to your opponent getting up because the technique is too slow. This brings in a mental struggle between you and your opponent. You want to jump almost exactly when your opponent chooses to do his getup option, this means you cannot react to him and he cannot react to you. Predict you opponents timing and you will hit him. Threatening ledge trumps occasionally is a great way to get your opponent to buffer a ledge get up option and make their timing obvious. sometimes if your timing is just a bit off you can still sometimes punish roll on and ledgehop with uptilt, or if they stand up shield you can sometimes grab them. if you land the back air or grab you can reset the situation (or kill at high percents). This is the basic concept that should help you keep your opponents in a bad spot.

If you have any questions, need clarification or if i made any errors feel free to let me know.
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