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Shulk Jab Lock Tutorial

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4.25 star(s) 4 ratings

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it is a youtube video cant givve you full credit and even if you did make it, it contains some facts that are false like for example the tumble state in untechable
Distant you did an AMAZING job with this guide, you showed even more ways to jab lock which is awesome.keep it up and i'll be waiting for your next guides
Very, very nice. Well done. It always makes me happy when people make a video instead of typing everything down. This is a videogame and it should be seen as such.
I love the information in here, not only did you give brief information on jablocking, but mainly converted all of shulks options. Again well done
OMG! I never knew that Shulk can jab lock after watching Smash Corner's video, which really sucked, since I used to main Shulk back then. Great stuff man! Really demonstrate the power of the Monado Boy! I still won't give up on Shulk, since he's a really awesome character.
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