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Shulk 101: SSB4 Wii U Shulk Guide

Shulk 101: SSB4 Wii U Shulk Guide

Game Versions
Smash Wii U
Shulk 101 Guide

An extremely in depth guide that goes through every aspect of Shulk in a large amount of detail.

It starts off with the arts, followed by his specials, and then it goes into his A attacks.

Any aspiring Shulk main should see this at least once!
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4.90 star(s) 60 ratings

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Latest reviews

horrible guide it barely shows anything on his combos and his jab locks not to mention how to perfectly use the arts
This guide is the primary basis to go to in terms of learning about the character, his moves, arts and some advanced techniques he possesses. Amazing in depth video.
Helped me learn a lot of important things about shulk, would not be the shulk player I am today without it.
Perfect guide for New Shulk mains to give Shulk a chance to be viable in Smash 4, somehow!?
HIt all the key points on shulk. GOOD
Wow... shulk's pivot grab is fantastic... anyway,thanks for the tips! The Monado Shield part was really helpful!
Absolutely stellar review. I can't wait to start playing with Shulk some more. I guess you could say that I'm really feeling it
Excellent guide! I love the detail I now realise the power of the Monado!
Very informative on how to play Shulk and some nice tips and tricks to help your battling
awesome review and helped me a lot of times
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