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Ryochi's Toon Link Guide (Complete after a ridiculously long time)

Ryochi's Toon Link Guide (Complete after a ridiculously long time)

Game Versions
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
Update: Lots of stuff have been changed after lots of testing with this character. Sorry for taking so long.

Don't know how to play Toon Link? Want to try?

Tired of seeing terrible Toon Link players?

Want another character to add to your roster?!

Then this guide is for you! This guide is applicable to both Smash Wii U and the 3ds!

  • Abbreviations (for whoever doesn't know)
Toon Link: TL
Z-Dropping: ZD
Technique: Tech
Directional Influence: DI

  • Introduction
My name is Ryochi, a TL main who considers himself to be a competitive player. I'm here to show people how to play this....rather complicated character. All of the tips I am about to tell you are taken from other guides, scrapped from forums, or learned from experience or watching videos of people play Toon Link.

Update: https://plus.google.com/u/0/105494582643912780585

I have a Google Plus profile and by extension I have a Youtube profile. If you want, check it out. If you don't...whatever.

  • Disclaimer
Everything in this guide can be tested if you have a copy of Smash 4. If something doesn't look right, immediately let me know. My playstyle is going to be described here but I will be addressing other playstyles as well.

  • Basic moves and what you can do with them/my opinions
Jab: A three hit animation that spaces the opponent away. Not much to say for this move, its mostly good for spacing and punishing approaches.

Update: jab 1 and 2>grab works.

Down-tilt: This move is actually a pretty good move for punishing approaches and I'm surprised more TL players don't use it. Toon Link does a sweeping animation with his sword (if that's what happens) and it may result in a trip. If the player trips, then it is guaranteed to lead into a grab. After that you can do an upair or bait out an airdodge and do an up-smash/forward-smash. Its a move I use often (probably unusual but whatever).

Up-tilt: Toon Link swings his swords upwards, covering his body. Due to the low knockback at lower percentages, its primarily used to combo into itself and lead into an up-air or an upsmash. After I use uptilt three times, I usually combo it into an up-smash (and a second one on heavier characters or after I baited out an airdodge) and use one up-tilt to up-air at mid percents and possibly higher percents.

Forward-tilt: I don't really use this move often. TL brings his sword forward in an arc having a surprisingly high knockback at higher percents. I only use this move if all else fails and I heard that its pretty good to cover a bit of space in the air.

Up-Smash: Toon Link swings his sword in the air....yeah. I usually use this move along with Up-tilt as mentioned before but using it by itself is fine too. You can quickly get away as soon as you use it, plus its a decent KO move as well.

Down-smash: TL swings his sword at both his front and the back. Works pretty much how you expect a down smash to work. I don't really think this move is that great to be honest. I guess its good if you want to drag your opponent onto the edge quickly (it actually has good range on the first hit) but other than that I don't really think its that great....unless you want to punish rolls.

Forward-smash: Toon Link swings his sword in a two hit animation. His first hit is mainly to confirm the hit and the second hit is the one that deals the real knockback. It is the earliest killing out of all of his moves (and can combo into a glide tossed bomb). Make sure to wait a bit after the first hit but not too long or they will be able to shield it. Also don't use the second hit if they shield or dodge the first hit....PLEASE DON'T (unless you want to suffer the endlag and a punish). Just roll away or shield if you miss the first hit. But under any circumstances DO NOT USE THE SECOND HIT IF IT MISSES....unless....

Dash attack: TL runs forward and swings his sword. I don't really like this move to be honest and I think its my least used move for Toon Link. I heard that it can combo into a few stuff but other than that...I don't think its that great..
  1. Riskier options with Forward-smash:
-A hard punish for rollers who think this is a bakery.
-(Very Risky) Use the second hit to gain some extra distance on some endlag (because you're not fast enough to go there by foot)
-(Very Risky) A hard punish for recoveries that miss the ledge (The second hit specifically....do this really fast and time it if you only want the second hit.

This tech is very, VERY useful. It makes tilts a lot easier to land, makes the trip after a dtilt a lot easier to follow up from (and might allow for different followups), makes ftilt a decent move to land, and so much more. Learn this tech.

  • Aerials
Forward air: Toon Link swings his sword forwards into the air. This honestly should be used along with his bombs or boomerangs but its decent by itself. It can be used as an out of ledge option (like most fairs)......and that's about it. Its knockback is pretty good (not as good as back air) and it can kill too. I honestly don't use this move often without bombs because if you miss, you have to suffer the endlag when you hit the floor.

Back air: TL swings his sword backwards. It can also be used to combo into a bomb (when your opponent goes behind you after it hits....it happens) but again you have to suffer the endlag if you miss. It kills earlier than forward air and has a slightly more vertical knockback.

Update: Autocancels after a shorthop.

Down air: TL fastfalls with his sword sticking downwards. This move is strong...but terrible. It has the most endlag out of all of his moves and can be easily punished (If the windbox saved you, you're lucky). Use it VERY sparingly. The move spikes and can kill (if they don't tech the stage...or they get spiked) but I really don't recommend using this move a lot. Z drop some bombs instead, heck just throwing them downwards is 9 times out of 10 more useful than using this move. I really only use it when I just see a chance to or if I want to get to the floor quickly (while my opponent is in the air)

Update: Footstool>Dair is guranteed

Up-air: Toon Link sticks his sword upwards into the air. Its great to use after uptilt (at higher percentages) or after up grab. On its own its really only useful as an airdodge read.

Update: Uair>Fair might work.

Zair: Toon Link sends out his grappling hook which has surprising range. This move lag cancels on the ground so its a very useful technique to keep in mind. Its range is also useful to poke opponents with and also works as a retreating option. Make sure to Z-Drop bombs a lot too and use it to cover your landing. I say z drop the bomb because throwing it downwards usually results in a fastfall and you can even get hit by the bomb (resulting in a punish). ZD is safer, you can retreat with it, it works as a combo breaker, and it covers your landing. Zair is an extremely useful move that more TL players need to look into.

Update: Zair>grab (Low and Mid percents)

Zdropped bomb with zair hit (have to be really close)>grab (Low and Mid Percents)

(Higher percents) zair>Usmash

Tip: Zair can also grapple onto the ledge. But you have to bring yourself to the ledge with the grappling hook to receive the invincibility frames. Do it quickly or you may get spiked.

Nair: TL uses his sword on both sides. Its good as a spacing tool in the air and the ground (if you shorthop it). It also has little lag so you can escape pretty easily if you miss. I usually use this move to space or to combo into a bomb at low percents (fair doesn't work well at low percents. At mid and high percents it works better)

Update: Can trip. This means it can lead into a grab since it has very little lag when you shorthop it.
  • Grabs
Uthrow (Up Throw): Toon link throws you upwards by slashing you with his sword. This can combo into an up-air but its not really guaranteed. I usually use this move after using the down tilt (after they trip) but that's about it.

Fthrow (Forward Throw): TL pushes you forward with his grab. I heard that it can combo into a dash attack (haven't tried it yet) but its mainly for pressuring. I mostly use it to keep people at the edge of the stage and set them up for a back grab.

Update: Combo does not work. Use as a pressure throw only.

Dthrow (Down Throw): TL crushes you with his body on the floor. I don't really like this move. I think its more useful on platforms and can combo into a backair but other than that....I don't really think this move is that good. I guess it can be used for building up damage...?

Bthrow (Back throw): AKA his kill throw. Save this move and make sure it doesn't stale. Toon link will fling the opponent backwards and it can kill around like....130%? Its one of his best moves (and can apparently combo into a dash attack? Do not use this.) and I highly recommend using this as a kill option.

Update: Combo does not work, use as a kill throw only.

Stale explanations and uses:

(I recommend watching most of Jtails's guides in general)
  • Special moves
Arrow (Neutral special): Toon Link gets out his bow and shoots out an arrow. Not much to say about this move except its good for applying pressure on people from a distance....THIS DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOU CAN PLAY HIM LONG RANGE.

It can also be b-reversed but I think its not that good unless its for landing mixups. The news thread for that is here if you're curious.


Update: B reversed arrow>Fsmash is guranteed if you are close enough. By the way, the arrows lag cancel on landing after you shoot it.

Boomerang (Side special): TL throws a boomerang...yeah. Its a great move for comboing into a fair (if you can do it) or applying pressure. Do not use it up close because it can be punished due to the starting lag.

  1. Weirdly effective things with Boomerang
-Do a forward grab and throw a boomerang horizontally (do not aim it). If they jump back down on the stage (Not aiming for the ledge) or at least cover their landing...that's another forward grab (make sure to pivot grab to be safe). The player will also get hit by the boomerang along with the pummel attack. Continue doing this until they learn how to aim for the ledge instead of the stage....or until you get them at a high percentage...

Update: I usually throw the boomerang downwards to allow for followups such as Fair, Uair, and possibly Upb and only throw it upwards to cover aerial options. But that's just me. And the trick above still works on bad players lol.

2. Cancelling the lag

- Its impossible to cancel the starting lag but it is possible to cancel the endlag. Do anything else other than just run around or stand there and it can be cancelled. Almost everything can cancel this ending lag animation.

Bomb (Down special): This should be every TL player's favorite move. It can lead into your primary combo (Bomb to fair) and are pretty good for applying pressure. Again be wary of the starting lag animation (don't take one out up close) unless you want to be punished.

  1. Bomb Tricks (UPDATED)
-Glide Tossing

- Bomb>fair is a viable combo but you might have to resort to bomb>nair for fastfallers (and start a few Utilt combos)

-Bomb>Dair is not advised....but it kinda works...

-Bomb>Boomerang>Fair/Bair/Uair/Upb is a very good combo and also works as a kill combo

-Glide Tossed Bomb>Fsmash is a good damagebuilding combo and you might have to resort to using Glide Tossed Bomb>Usmash on fastfallers

-Z-dropping (works for every character FYI) is important with the bomb

-covering aerial options (and could lead into an up-air for the kill)

- Doing a fullhop bomb>fair (do not use another jump), throwing the bomb at the ledge, and throwing it in the air are all ledge options with the bomb in hand.

-The bomb can also be ZDropped out of the tumbling animation or during hitstun (This means it can get out of multihitting jabs and possibly combos)

Tip: Toon link can throw two bombs MAX.

Tip: The reason Toon Link can do combos so fluently with him bombs is because once the opponent gets hit with the bomb, he does not receive any damage.

Update: Throwing a bomb downwards and holding out your upair is a decent combo that also kills. This was demonstrated in Jtails's video.

Recovery (Up-special)- Toon Link spins around on the ground with his sword. This special isn't that great to be honest. I think it KOs at eleventy seven percent but its decent as a roll punish (though I recommend using downsmash instead). As a recovery its also pretty predictable (he can get spiked easily) and I usually zair onto the ledge instead....but its also useful for mixups for getting onto the stage.

Update: Upb can act as a followup for bombs and boomerangs.

I've already covered all of the combos for each move. So including a combo section would be rather pointless. Now I'm going to cover playstyles.

  • Playstyles (UPDATED)

(Read link if you don't know what the neutral game is)


The main objective with TL is to get that bomb/boomerang to connect with your opponent so that you can use an aerial to get the kill. But before you do that, you have to win the neutral game.

To do this, you have to use a mixture of the U-turn tech (for your tilts to connect easier), pressuring with your projectiles (and using mixups), spacing/approaching with zair, and using nair to approach/space. The main objective is to get one of four things:

1. They trip.
2. They get hit by the Utilt
3. The projectile connects
4. The Zair connects

If they trip, then that's a guaranteed grab that allows you to connect an upair as a string.

If they get by the Utilt, then they will be eating quite a bit of damage as you finish it off with an Usmash

If a projectile connects, you will need to use a Fair/Nair/Usmash (if glide tossed) depending on the character. If you're lucky, you might be able to follow up with some uptilts.

Once you have gotten one of these objectives down, it is your duty to find creative ways to land some damage onto your opponent. For some characters, you might need to adjust to a campy playstyle to avoid getting killed or severely punished (Ness, Luigi), while getting in will be more disadvantageous for the other characters (Most heavyweight characters, possibly R.O.B). Either way, I have no real advice for this point other than to use all of the combos that were mentioned in this guide during mid and high percents and put them to use. Also, make sure to use a lot of mixups and mindgames to ensure that the projectile connects. The real reason I don't want to give much advice is....well....there's a lot of things you can do with this character if you consider just how good his mindgame/mixup/combo potential is. I don't really want you guys to feel that you have to NOT use some of these. Just keep in mind what I said about his combo game and know that you might need to adjust your playstyle.

However, I do have tips for edgeguarding.

1. Throwing two bombs into the air at the ledge is a good edgeguarding strategy. Doing this could either ensure a Fair connecting (if they forget to airdodge), a bomb followup, and possibly a stage spike (yes it stage spikes). For some characters, you might need to adjust where you throw the bombs a little bit. Key examples are characters with recoveries that teleport.

2. The boomerang is a good pressure tool offstage...and of course the arrow (though I'd argue that Link's is better)

3. Dair is ****ING **** as a spike. DO NOT USE THIS OFFSTAGE.

  • Weaknesses
1. Fast characters can destroy him. Either switch characters or adjust your plastyle.

2. Terrible Dair as mentioned before.

3. Dies earlier than Link since he's floaty.

4. Weaker arrows....

  • Advantages
1. Superior projectile combos in comparison to link

2. Fast

3. Has a tether

4. Has decent matchups with some top tiers such as Ness and Rosalina (She still wins the MU and Link has a better MU against her. But this MU against TL is horribly overrated on her side. Her having a Down B does not mean she wins the MU!) due to a great zoning ability.

  • Misc Information (NEW ADDITION)
1. He cannot do the Extended Dash Dance. At least we have the U-Turn tech to make up for that.

2. You will mostly want to go for FD stages since that's where his walling ability is the best. But he's good at other stages like Smashville, Battlefield (might lose to aggressive characters), and Town and City.

3. Toon Link is simply better than Link. No offense Link mains, but he is. He does everything Link does, but better. A superior projectile combo game, a slightly better zoning ability, less lag on his moves, and a lot more viability. All Link has over TL (In my opinion), is the Dair, kill potential, and a combo throw (which isn't even that good for Link). That's it. I'm just saying....

4. Toon Link can walljump. This means that he can walljump and use a bair to get back onstage. This will obviously get predictable.

5. Toon links Dsmash used to be broken. If the second hit missed, you flew so far that you basically lost your stock since you can't recover. If you were charging a smash attack at the edge, he could one hit KO you.

6. He has a few footstool combos....as demonstrated on a video below

7. His tournament results are complete and utter trash.

  • Other resources

This guide is great for learning about Toon Link. He's also probably one of the best Toon Link players out there.

http://kuroganehammer.com/Smash4/Toon Link

Here is his frame data.


A few more Toon Link combos!

  • Ending!
I hope this showed people that Toon Link is more than just "standing in the corner and using projectiles" or "a spammy piece of crap". This character has a lot of potential that I just feel isn't being displayed properly. But I hope that changes.
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    Yeah sorry for taking so long. I know this guide was incomplete and it just kept slipping my...

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While well written, it's noteworthy that Fair is better than Bair, I just hit the lab and at FD's starting position, Mario is consistently killed at 110% by fair but at 152% by bair.

In terms of terminology, What you referred to as 'grabs' are better known as 'throws' while a 'grab' is only the act of grabbing.

I still have to do more testing with him, but it's a well organized guide. Be sure to list percent damage though, or at least a link to Aerodrome's info on TL's frame data. Keep up the good work.
Added the tips that you mentioned in the final version of the guide.

And thanks for the compliment.

Yes I am perfectly aware that I am responding to comments written months ago.
Awesome info
Thank! This guide is really well made informative. It really helped me when I trained as him.
Glad to hear that!
Good info, only complain is it's incomplete. Good work!
Its complete now.
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