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Ridley Combos

Ridley Combos:

Combos may not be true or have exact percentage to preform combo on all characters. These are just estimates and a way to mix up Ridley's combo game.

Down Tilt:

Down Tilt(closer)-Up Angled forward Tilt
Estimated Percentages: 0%-20%

Down Tilt(closer)-Up Tilt
Estimated Percentages: 0%-30%

Down Tilt-FAIR
Estimated Percentages: 0%-75%

Down Tilt-NAIR
Estimated Percentages: 0%-70%

Down Tilt-Down Tilt
Estimated Percentages: 0%

Down Tilt-Up Smash
Estimated Percentages: 30%-55%

Down Tilt-Up Air
Estimated Percentages: 50%-110%

Down Tilt-RAR BAIR
Estimated Percentages: 30%-80%

Down Tilt-Grab
Estimated Percentages: 0%
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