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Quick Falco Tips.

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Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
Falco is still a good character, while not as good as before he's still pretty great. On some characters like Palutena at low percents Falco can Down Throw and get a free Bair. When you do the Down Throw, run and quickly jump and use Falco's Back Air. Don't spam lasers willy-nilly. I recommend doing this from a safe distance because Falco's lasers are pretty slow and very punishable when he puts it away. I recommend using it to cover options. Short Hop and firing the lasers twice makes it hard for your opponents to approach. Throw your enemies off-stage and use your lasers. It would make it hard for them to come onto the stage horizontally so they would have to come from below. Also, if they use their Double Jump and get hit by a laser, they will lose their Double Jump and be forced to use their Recovery Move. This is especially good and characters like Little Mac, Ganondorf, Captain Falcon, Dr. Mario, Toon Link, Shulk, etc. Take advantage that it fires faster in the air. Falco kicks his Reflector forward because he doesn't want to use it properly because he's a passive-aggressive asshole. It's good for spacing and it can trip, it can also reflect projectiles from a distance which is quite helpful. His Reflector Void custom move is amazing. It can juggle from a distance and sends your opponents into the air to keep away from you. It can reflect SOME projectiles, but not all. The ones that can't be reflected will just be destroyed. But it's very punishable. Use Dair only off-stage. It has a VERY strong spike and a good sour-spot. Use Bairs and Fairs to gimp. Uair is quite strong and can kill. All of Falco's aerials except for his Uair and Nair are quite punishable if used in a short hop Forward Smash is one of Falco's best killing moves. Use Down Smash to read rolls, it's a quick move, does good damage but it can't kill good. Up Smash is good, it's Falco's most damaging move, it hits twice so Shulk can't counter it, can hit behind you but has trouble killing. Playing Falco requires precision, skill and brains. You can't just run in willy-nilly and do combos or can you sit behind and spam. You have to find an equal balance between the two. Use lasers to edge them onto approach. Use your Reflector to create space. And practice. Find our which combos and attacks are good to use and not punishable. Remember to practice, practice and practice.

EDIT: Just gonna put this out here. Falco's Dair can cancel which can follow up into Many Tue Combos. It also has some other tips. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spHWz-9F7cQ&feature=youtu.be
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Great tips on how to play Falco, he's one of my mains so I need all the help I can get to play this completely different version of him as efficiently as possible . Thank you! :)
I thought this was a good general summary of Falco. Important to note, full-hop fair is a great spacing move and also has good knockback, while short hop u-air should be used because it's lag-less and baits approaches. Also, I had no idea that down throw to bair was a combo, I usually use dash-attack/reflector.
This is a pretty good "in a nutshell" guide to Falco.
All this stuff is the basics to using him properly.

I'd say learn some of the other tricks on the Falco board, he's got a few to give him an edge. I didn't know Shulk's counter can be stopped by the up-smash, pretty cool.
Falco is all about getting your opponent into that tight spot, or punishing your opponent when they get too greedy.

Learn how to SHFF bair, it give many options as a spacing tool, or just for inching in an approach.
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