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Punch Out! : A Little Mac Guide

Punch Out! : A Little Mac Guide

Applicable Games
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
Punch Out! : A Little Mac Guide

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Moveset Analysis
3. Combos
4. Edgeguarding and Recovery
5. KO Options
6. Notable Players
7. Fighting Against
8. Conclusion


Little Mac is of the most exciting, unique characters in Super Smash Brothers. He is balanced in an unconventional way; he sacrifices most of the utility of his aerial options in exchange for a superior ground game. The result is an explosive Glass Cannon with amazing comeback potential. Little Mac can invoke fear in his opponents, and make them suffer for it.

This guide has been designed for an experienced Smash player. There will be some confusing terminology for new players, but I will do my best to provide as much context as possible. I will explain the less well-known concepts throughout the guide. I will not explain the basics. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources available for understanding fighting game terminology. I will share some of the important links within this guide.

Little Mac's Frame Data [1.1.6]
Move Safety on Block [1.1.6]


Some of Little Mac's moves have interesting properties. Tilts and Jab cannot rebound; when these moves collide with other hitboxes, their animations will not be cancelled. This is otherwise known as "trampling" and is usually advantageous to Little Mac. All of Little Mac's smash attacks have Super Armour frames. Down-Air is able to lock opponents.

"Advantage" is a measure of how safe a move is on block. This is not applicable when an attack is perfect shielded. It is assumed that the blocking player will drop their shield before punishing. If they act out of shield, they will be able to act seven frames earlier, as they do not need to incur the shield-drop animation. The larger the number, the safer the move!

Damage: 2% (Jab 1), 2% (Jab 2), 7% (Jab 3), 5% (Rapid Jab Finisher).
Advantage: -10 (Jab 1), -10 (Jab 2), -14 (Jab 3), -19 (Rapid Jab Finisher).
First Active Hitbox: 1.
First Actionable Frame: 22 (Jab 1), 22 (Jab 2), 32 (Jab 3), 35 (Rapid Jab Finisher).
Kill Potential: Low.

Usefulness: 7/10.
Move Description: A quick sequence of punches.

Overview: Jab is infamous for having an frame one hitbox. It is able to stuff out many close range attacks, and can be used after whiffing certain moves to prevent being punished. Holding Jab on the edge is useful for countering neutral get-ups. The Rapid Jab is vulnerable to DI; most skilled players will be able to escape before the Rapid Jab Finisher connects.

Damage: 4% (Hit 1), 8% (Hit 2).
Advantage: -12.
First Active Hitbox: 4.
First Actionable Frame: 38.
Kill Potential: Medium.

Usefulness: 7/10.
Move Description: A two-punch sequence of staights.

Overview: F-Tilt is notable for its long range and quick startup. It is effective for pressuring opponents, especially near the edge. The horizontal launch angle of F-Tilt makes it effective for forcing opponents offstage. At certain percents, a D-Tilt can lead into a F-Tilt, but landing the second hit is often inconsistent.

Damage: 9%.
Advantage: -11.
First Active Hitbox: 4.
First Actionable Frame: 30.
Kill Potential: Low.

Usefulness: 8/10.
Move Description: A wide-arched swing of the fist covering the area above Little Mac.

Overview: U-Tilt is excellent for trampling. It will cancel out the hitboxes of many moves, which is almost always in Little Mac's favour. It strings together into itself quite well at lower percents, which deals a fair amount of damage. This move becomes more useful in combination with perfect pivoting, due to it receiving a larger effective range.

Damage: 8%.
Advantage: -5.
First Active Hitbox: 3.
First Actionable Frame: 22.
Kill Potential: None.

Usefulness: 10/10.
Move Description: A crouching, ankle-high punch.

Overview: D-Tilt is arguably Little Mac's best move; it is fairly safe on block, and is his primary combo starter. At low percents, it combos into itself, and leads to devastating mixups. D-Tilt combos into Jolt Haymaker reliably at medium percents. At high percents, it can combo into a jump-cancelled Rising Uppercut for a kill.

Damage: 10%.
Advantage: -12.
First Active Hitbox: 7.
First Actionable Frame: 34.
Kill Potential: Low.

Usefulness: 7/10.
Move Description: A sprinting haymaker.

Overview: Little Mac's Dash Attack synergizes with his swift running speed. It is effective for catching landings and forcing opponents offstage. Dash Attack strings into itself at low percents.

Damage: 20%/18% (Neutral), 20%/18% (Up), 24% (Down).
Advantage: -9 (Neutral), -9 (Up), -6 (Down).
First Active Hitbox: 14 (Neutral), 14 (Up), 15 (Down).

First Actionable Frame: 44.
Kill Potential: High (Neutral/Up), None (Down).

Usefulness: 8/10.
Move Description: An angled straight lunge.

Overview: F-Smash may be angled in three directions. With a neutral or upwards angle, F-Smash is used to close stocks. A downwards angled F-Smash applies a large amount of shield damage, and is remarkably safe for a smash attack. This variant is used to punish turtling and to build damage, not to kill. F-Smash is a solid mixup after a Down-Tilt at low percents.

Damage: 21% (First Frame), 16% (Late).
Advantage: -16.
First Active Hitbox: 10.
First Actionable Frame: 48.
Kill Potential: High.

Usefulness: 9/10.
Move Description: A heavy, wide-arched uppercut.

Overview: U-Smash, like all U-Smashes, can be jump cancelled. This allows the move to benefit from Little Mac's fantastic running speed. Whiffed attacks can be punished from a distance via U-Smash, leading to hefty damage or a stock.

Damage: 13% (Hit 1), 13% (Hit 2).
Advantage: -16 (Hit 1), -9 (Hit 2).
First Active Hitbox: 10.
First Actionable Frame: 43.
Kill Potential: Medium.

Usefulness: 9/10.
Move Description: A sequence of two sweeping, low punches, on either side of Little Mac.

Overview: D-Smash is mainly used to edguard. It has an awkwardly low launch angle and Super Armour frames, which makes it a hard counter to offensive recoveries. Characters who have difficulty snapping to the ledge will struggle against this move.

Damage: 2.
Advantage: -6.
First Active Hitbox: 2.
First Actionable Frame: 16.
Kill Potential: None.
Usefulness: 4/10.
Move Description: A downwards-angled jumping punch.

Overview: N-Air has fast startup, but it has virtually no utility due to its low range and damage. Its redeeming quality is its ability to lead into a footstool. This can lead into a lock, which Little Mac can take full advantage of.


Damage: 5% (Sweet), 4% (Sour).
Advantage: -11.
First Active Hitbox: 10.
First Actionable Frame: 37.
Kill Potential: Low.
Usefulness: 6/10.
Move Description: A jumping swipe of the fist covering the area in front of Little Mac.

Overview: F-Air is likely Little Mac's best aerial. It is fantastic for gimping due to its low launch angle and knockback. F-Air will combo out of a D-Tilt at medium percents. This is a quick way to move an opponent offstage.


Damage: 6% (Sweet), 4% (Sour).
Advantage: -14.
First Active Hitbox: 11.
First Actionable Frame: 37.
Kill Potential: None.
Usefulness: 2/10.
Move Description: A aerial swing of the fist covering the area behind Little Mac.

Overview: B-Air is a weak move. There are essentially no situations in which this move should be used. Instead of using B-Air, it would likely be better to focus on landing and using grounded moves.


Damage: 5% (Sweet), 4% (Sour).
Advantage: -11.
First Active Hitbox: 5.
First Actionable Frame: 42.
Kill Potential: None.
Usefulness: 3/10.
Move Description: A aerial, short swing of the fist covering the area above Little Mac.

Overview: U-Air has one use; it can be used to poke an opponent on a platform when grounded attacks do not reach. It should be used sparingly, if at all.


Damage: 5% (Sweet), 4% (Sour).
Advantage: -19.
First Active Hitbox: 7.
First Actionable Frame: 28.
Kill Potential: None.
Usefulness: 5/10.
Move Description: A quick, aerial jab covering the area below Little Mac.

Overview: D-Air is capable of locking. Little Mac can obliterate locked opponents, but locking them can be tricky. Using D-Air after a footstool is effective. Even running towards a launched opponent and locking them can work sometimes.

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