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Practicing with Pit

Practicing with Pit

Game Versions
Smash 3DS
~Serious info~

Pit is a quick and nimble character who can land some serious combos if you use him right, which makes him pretty close to Top-tier for me, now to get on to the guide!

Damage ratio:

F-Smash: (barely charged) 15%, (half way charged) 19%, (fully charged) 21%

D-Smash: (barely charged) 12%, (half way charged) 14% (fully charged) 16%

U-Smash: (barely charged) 12%, (half way charged) 14% (fully charged) 16%


S-tilt: 7%

D-tilt: 6%

U-tilt: 10%

N-s: (barely charged) 3%, (halfway charged) 5%, (fully charged) 8%

S-s: 11%

D-s:(only does damage with custom moves) you bring out 2 guardian Orbitors which protects you from projectiles(damage differs to what has been shot at Pit)

U-s:( can't do damage even with customs) you can fly high using this move which will (hopefully) bring you back to the stage in a pinch!

~Final Smash~

Pit summons out "The arrow of Light", "wings of Pegasus", and "The mirror shield", all together it creates "The 3 Sacred Treasures"


Pit summons out "The 3 Sacred treasures" and shoots arrows and beams(randomly hits the stage)

Arrows: 14%

Blue beams: 30%

Tiny arrows: 2%

Pit has a amazing string of combos that comes from just using his Bow!

F-throw to Dash attack: 21%

B-throw to Dash attack: 21%

U-throw to U-air: 21%

~Normal attacks~

Dash attack: 11%

Neutral combo: 14%


1. Pit's S-s will lead him off the edge to his deat unless you quickly U-s back to the stage

2.Aiming his U-s can be hard to use at some points cause you may accidentally S-s instead

~Advaned techniques~

Here are some techniques that I think Is tough to pull off

1. D-air to U-air

This move only works at high percentages which means you make the opponent hit the ground so hard that they launch into the air which means you have a opprontunity to U-air them into the sky

2. D-throw to D-air

This is a really tough technique to pull off...you have to do the same thing as the 1st move but instead jump and slash down making them whack the floor

3. D-throw to D-air to U-air

Basically the same thing except this time you use U-air also

~I'll be updating it daily if I get any new info~
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Latest reviews

Next time,atleast give detailed analysis of what every move is capable of doing,you just wrote damage percents,like really?You didn't include how fantastic off stage game Pit/Dark Pit has,you didn't even talk about Guardian Orbitals applications how they can be used to Gimp so many characters using the windbox.Infact you didn't even bother to include how you are supposed to use Side Special,which can be useful Vs Projectile heavy characters and for recovering horizontally.Seems like a rushed guide to me..
Since you've announced the end of the guide I'm assuming you think its done. You really didn't give any information that I couldn't find in a 20 minute training session and a couple matches against a CPU. I'd recommend you add some information about advanced Pit techniques. If you truly think he's top tier then you must have some good combos and the like to share with us.
Thanks, I'll try to update it
Learn to make a guide. Seriously
Look if you're gonna make a guide for the sake of making a guide, then just don't. At least you could've given more analysis about what each move does in detail rather than only listing them.
Instead of making a rude review for the sake of making a rude review, you could of just old me to update it
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