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Pichu Power of The Mouse

Guide to go from average to pro

Yes, I main Pichu. Yes, you read that correctly.

And yes, I am aware that Pichu is the worst character in the game. He is fundamentally flawed: half his moves cause damage to himself (which adds up fast), his attack range is poor. and his primary recovery (up-b) does 4% damage every time you use it. The list goes on and on and on. That said, many people choose to play him as a troll character, myself included. At first, I didn't take Pichu seriously at all. I won only a handful of matches, but the sense of sheer satisfaction I got when beating another player as Pichu was incredible. I suddenly wanted to prove to the world that Pichu can exceed everyone's expectations and promptly **** on the tier list.

For the last few months, I've been playing exclusively Pichu, and I've developed a solid understanding of the character. I don't consider myself a pro by any means -- take this post as more of a beginner's guide to Pichu. With these tips under your belt, you too can destroy your opponents with the best character in the game in my opinion.

Let's get started.


  • For the love of God, USE NAIR

  • As mentioned before, Pichu's electrical attacks cause damage to himself. It is an awful concept for a character, but not one that can't be avoided. It is very important to minimize the self-inflicted damage, especially since up-b and neutral b should be used often. Wherever possible, avoid using moves such as dair, fair, and down-b. Dair and fair can easily be replaced with nair in most situations (more about nair in the 'strategies' section).

  • Pichu's attack range for ground based attacks is terrible. Ftilt is a complete joke in terms of range. You want to stay off the ground whenever possible, using SHFFLed nairs as your bread-and-butter approach option.

  • Pichu suffers from high knockback. Learn the basics of DI and Crouch Canceling to keep you alive.

  • Despite his many shortcomings, Pichu's recovery is very reliable (albeit predictable). Even when hit to the farthest corner, you can use side b -> jump -> up b to get back to the stage quickly. Learn to use up-b effectively for when you are hit below the stage.

  • You must learn to space properly with Pichu. Rushing into battle spamming nair may be a valiant effort, but will almost surely get you killed.

  • Pichu's grab game is good, and can set you up for combos (see the Pichu Beatchu combo in 'strategies' below). When all else fails, grab -> dthrow.

  • Use Pichu's speed and size to your advantage. Once your opponent is in the air, relentlessly attack him with uairs/nairs to keep him above you. If you're under a platform and well below your opponent, down-b is a viable option, but won't set you up for combos as well as uair.

1) The Pichu Beatchu combo: This is Pichu's go-to killing move. Learn to use it depending on the type of character your opponent has and their percentage. Vary it up with a nair if your opponent is at a low percent. This combo is amazingly effective against spacies, but hard to do against floaties.

  • Standard PB combo for medium weight characters: Grab -> dthrow -> upsmash

  • PB combo for spacies/fastfallers at low percent: Grab -> uthrow -> upsmash

  • PB combo for spacies/fastfallers at high percent: Grab -> dthrow -> upsmash

  • For floaty characters, or to vary it up against any character, use: Grab -> uthrow -> jump -> nair
2) Nair/Uair combos: best done on stages with low platforms, such as Yoshi's Story or FoD. Uair is incredibly effective at chaining combos in the air. A typical N/U combo would go like this: Uair -> Uair -> Nair. It's all improvisation, really, and it is tough to describe in detail because there are so many different contexts. Utilt is also a good move that will chain combos, especially if your opponent is above you but too close to do a uair. Bair comes in handy to mix these up as well.

3) Neutral b pressure and edgeguarding: Neutral b is Pichu's only projectile, dealing ~6% damage to the opponent and 1% damage to Pichu. Whenever possible, use this move in the air. This makes it harder for your opponent to punish you because you are jumping. This move is a critical part of Pichu's game on FD and Pokemon stadium. It is also a very effective edgeguard because of how slow it moves in midair. Practice the timing and you will be preventing your opponent's recovery in no time.

4) Recovery: As stated before, Pichu can come back from just about any attack that doesn't KO him. A typical recovery would be as such: side b -> jump -> up b.

5) Dtilt spacing: Pichu's longest-ranged ground move is dtilt. Ideally, you should not have to use it, but certain scenarios call for it (i.e. preparing to crouch cancel an attack).

6) Fsmash KOing: Fsmash very powerful attack with godawful range, and must be sweetspotted. Very easy to punish. If you're playing on a stage with a high ceiling, this move comes in handy. The timing and spacing required takes a lot of practice to get down however. Use this sparingly and only when you think it is necessary.

7) Moves which you should rarely or never use: fair, dair, ftilt, side b, down b (on FD in particular), downsmash (can be useful but very hard to hit properly).

8) Watch this video and study it, KoreanDJ is arguably the best Pichu player in the smash community:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENaWR-HWBlM

9) SHFFLed Nairs: Just do it.


  • Yoshi's Story: This stage is a double-edged sword for Pichu, and my personal favorite. Its low ceiling makes it wonderful for the PB combo, and the low platforms make the uair/nair combo game very effective. The short boundaries, however, are what will get Pichu killed more easily. Despite this problem, I've had the most success playing on Yoshi's Story.

  • Fountain of Dreams: Almost as good as Yoshi's Story, but with a higher ceiling, making the PB combo a bit harder to reliably kill. The low platform layout is again heavily tilted in Pichu's favor, making this stage a viable option.

  • Pokemon Stadium: Pichu's home turf is actually a good option for the annoying rodent. The changing platforms allow for many combos.

  • Battlefield: The platforms here are slightly higher up than the other stages I listed, making it slightly tougher to do uair/nair combos but not impossible. The ledge is bad for just about any character. Pick this stage as a last resort if the three above are not available, because you do not want to play on Final Destination or Dreamland.

  • Final Destination: No platforms severely hinder Pichu's combo game. Be ready to bust out a TON of grabs and a TON of neutral-b's. PB combo works well here, so if you grab your opponent, make them pay. Spacing is criticalto your success on FD, more so than elsewhere.

  • Dreamland: For the love of God, stay far away from this stage. The ceiling in the stratusphere will be a godsend for a high KB character as Pichu, but his only reliable killing move is impossible (PB combo). If you do happen to end up on Dreamland: rack up damage using nairs and attempt to sweetspot your f-smash. Pichu lives for the vertical attack pattern, but here he is forced to kill horizontally. Good luck.
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A very useful guide on how to use Pichu in melee. Sidenote: Codeman is the best Pichu main now
Great Job on this! But hopefully Pichu comes back to smash as DLC for sm4sh.
really awesome summary. only things i could see needing improvement is execution of Perfect Agility, different recovery patterns of Agility, and perhaps reasons of when and how to use the forbidden moves as a mixup. For example, i hear shorthop fair is super quick
its always helpful to see these. Its missing Pichu's Zero to Death chain grab on Fast fallers.
I love Pichu too, honestly one of my four Melee mains (alongside Peach Fox and Mario.) Everything seems pretty sound and reasonable, I can vision a lot of the stuff mentioned here making sense. I'm gonna try and test some of this stuff out next time I play against my friends. The Pichu pain train is about to leave the station...
I love it :D
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