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Pac-Man's deadly trap list #2 Once the bell hits.

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Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
alright here's the scenario.
your opponent is atleast 87%. You throw a bell, and it HIT HIM! he's paralyzed!
what do you do now!? alright here's what you do.
(NOTE: this only works when you throw using the B button to throw)

okay first, you throw the Bell.

as soon as the bell hits and your opponent is stunned,
you RUN as fast as possible to your opponent

Okay, now you short-hop Forward-air. it damages your opponent

and if you did it right, you automatically caught the bell.

Now IMMEDIATELY footstool him. (you might have to time it a little bit later on shorter opponents.) it's important to STAY CALM to prevent f*ck ups.

As soon as you jump in the air from the footstool,

DIRECTLY throw the Bell downwards.
(this will stun your opponent who just fell, for a second time)

Fast-fall AS FAST AS POSSIBLE next to your opponent who's still stunned.


FORWARD-SMASH!!! (it's best to use your C-stick, or else you might accidentally do a Forward-Tilt..)

Aaaaaand, he's dead.

it is very important to focus while doing this.
it quite rare for the bell to hit, it it might even catch you off-guard.
so think fast, and stay focused.

Here's a link to Zage,(one of THE best Pac-Man players in the world) using this combo LIVE in a tournament set.

This isn't the most reliable combo out there. but it's an AMAZING trump card.

Practise this in Training-Mode on a non-moving CPU at 87%
tall, short, medium, heavy. TRY THEM ALL

then go on for glory and maybe, just maybe, when your Bell connects. you will definitely pull this off.
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