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Mega Man Tips and Tricks

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Smash Wii U
  • This guide assumes that you know the basics of all smash mechanics, know megaman's full move set and skill set, and have a general understanding of most other characters skill sets
  • You don't need to know ALL of megaman's match ups, but it is recommended that you understand which characters will have much better chances against a megaman
  • You should know how to tech
  • All of these techniques were tested on omega form stages and the original Final Destination
So let's get started!
Instant Crash Bomber Explosion
Usefulness: very situational
This will work best on Rosalina and Luma, but this can also apply to certain characters, although it will be less effective (I believe this will work on Zelda's Phantom Slash, for example)
In a matchup against Rosalina, megaman is removed of most of his arsenal due to her gravitational pull, and as a result Rosalina will be able to punish what few options megaman has left. However, if a Rosalina player is being very defensive and keeping her Luma close, megaman can punis with the crash bomber. If a crash bomber connects on LUMA, then it will immediately explode and deal damage to Rosalina. This allows megaman to constantly apply pressure to your opponents, and you can use this to bait out Luma and punish that pesky Rosalina player. This tech (in my opinion) can completely change the matchup between Megaman and Rosalina.
Metal Blade Madness
Usefulness: Very Useful
These are some examples of why aiming you metal blade is key to a successful megaman player
  1. Your Metal Blade as an item: if you angle the metal blade in any of the downward directions, you can pick it up as an item and throw it. PROS: This itemized metal blade deals more damage than a standard metal blade! CONS: You cannot throw it in all 8 directions, as this limits you to only your sides, up and down.
  2. Metal Blade Edgeguarding: If you stand directly at the ledge, you can throw the metal blade diagonally downward and downward and it will not touch the platform and will continue on its current path. PROS: You can rack up damage on any opponet trying to recover, and this is much safer than going offstage. CONS: Reflecting characters (*cough**villager**cough*) will punish this.
  3. Metal Blade surprise: If you ever find yourself at the ledge (NOT ON THE LEDGE) and you see an opponet behind you preparing an attack, quickly throw the metal blade behind you and dash attack to start a combo! PROS: great combo starter, and useful for getting in your opponents head CONS: Don't do this TOO often, your opponents WILL punish this after they know its coming.
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