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Little Guide for a new Greninja player

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Smash Wii U
This guide will talk about Greninja's attributes and will also have some tips and tricks in it.

Abbreviations: perfect pivot (PP), read airdodge (RA), footstool (FS), fast fall (FF)

Greninja is a hit and run character, so most of his techniques are like this.

Let's start with his jab. His jab can be canceled into
  • down tilt,
  • PP up tilt
  • RA smash attack
  • a grab.
His jabs are good for spacing and can stuff some attacks out, jab opponents to provoke a reaction, then react accordingly.

Greninja's tilts are somewhat average. His forward tilt can be used for spacing, but it is somewhat slow, so not as recommended, but can stuff some approaches with its average range. His down tilt is good for quick spacing and combos, for forward air and up smash. His up tilt is good for comboing, as it can be used in chain for fast fallers, and can combo into an up smash or up aerial.

His aerials are also somewhat average. Neutral aerial is quite nice for spacing, as it can be auto canceled (canceled into another move) and can lead into up smash. Up aerial (air and aerial are the same thing) can be used to kill and can be chained from an up throw normal and RA. Forward aerial can be used to space as it is a great killing tool, and can be chained from a down throw. Down aerial can be used to play footsies, as you bounce off your opponents when you hit them or their shield, but isn't recommended to use. Back aerial is used to space and can kill off the edge of tthe stage. It can be used as a mixup from an up throw. With it's high amount of landing lag after however, it is not recommended to use as often for spacing, as forward aerial is much better and neutral aerial as well.

His specials are average as well. Water Shruiken can be used as a pressuring tool, and when charged can kill and is an excellent edge guarding tool. Water Shruiken, when used, can also stall you in the air briefly, this is helpful to know in a little trick.
Shadow Sneak can be used to recover and also is great for mixups if your opponent is keeping track. Hydro Pump used for recovering and having many angles, also can push opponents away as it has a windbox. Substitute is a counter that can attack from any direction, however this counter can be shielded and attacked out of, so it is recommended not to be used.

Smash attacks: the most notable of Greninja's smash attacks is his up smash, with its great range, anti air property, and a kill move. This can be used to cover get up options, and from RA. His down smash can be used to cover horizontal recoveries and also cover recoveries without a hitbox. Side smash is just a normal side smash, although is strong when RA from a down throw.

Greninjas throws are not exactly great. his forward and back throws are used for positioning, but his down throw and up throw are used for comboing.
Up throw can kill at around 160% depending on weight
  • Combos into back aerial, and up aerial.
  • Shadow Sneak with RA.
  • Hydro Pump second hit, if you aim correctly.
Down throw is an unorthodox combo throw, it can combo into
  • down tilt or forward tilt, depending on weight
  • Into a regrab, from jab
  • Up smash normal or RA
  • Forward smash normal or RA
These are not guaranteed, but can be used for damage, or mixups.

  • Shadow Sneak, when edgeguarding, use the move backward, then release to hit their recovery or when they get past you. This is a great mixup, and the opponent will not usually expect it.
  • Platform Shadow Sneak, use shadow sneak then jump barely into a platform, then release. If performed correctly Greninja should be shadow sneak to the left and fall back. This can be used for mixups and extend your Shadow Sneaks hitbox.
  • Substitute Meteor, using substitute off stage when an opponent attacks you, aim down and you will take them down with you.
  • Footstool combo, the holy grail of Greninja combos. Neutral aerial into FS, then down aerial to jab lock them, then use water shruiken to stall, then come down with another neutral aerial, FF if needed, then rinse and repeat.
  • FF up aerial, using FF when up aerialing an opponent will drag them down then you can up tilt, footstool combo, down smash, or up smash, depending on what they do.
  • Down taunt shadow sneak, not recommended for competitive play, but using down taunt while shadow sneaking can be used as a mixup and a troll.
  • Greninja's wall jump is terrible, not recommended to use.
  • Greninja can shadow sneak out of some characters moves and combos. this is useful for mixing them up and getting out of deadly combos.
  • Greninja's crouch cannot duck under most moves, due to his bigger hitbox.
  • Footstool is one of greninja's best moves, setting this up and then mastering the combos will murder your foe.
  • Hydro pump can be used for mixing your opponent up, weaving in and out with its different angles.
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you do seem to know a lot about greninja but id like to leave you a few tips. 1. autocancelings definiton is when a move has less than 4 frames of landing lag, not when it can lead into another move. 2. dont forget to mention rage when talking about moves, especially killing. 3. a few times you didnt explain why some things are "not reccommended" (IE: greninjas dair for footsies?). 4. greninjas dair is not for footsies. 5. you dont give fair enough credit as a spacing move, if you short hop and fast fall it while retreating it stuffs nearly all approach options and is safe on sheild if spaced. 6. try imagining back when you were learning and make sure to address the types of questions you were asking yourself back then, i just think that is a good thing to think about when writing guides.
EL's Bladeworks
EL's Bladeworks
yeah this is my first guide and now that i look at it, its much more informal than what i know now...thx for the help
Some information is not accurate, but I guess what you are trying to communicate is communicated effectively enough.
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EL's Bladeworks
can you help? im somewhat new at this...
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