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Literal Bacon's Full Guide to Little Mac

Only thing I didn't see was jab-locking with D-air. Otherwise, extremely well made and detailed guide.
Ill be honest here, this is one of the best guides this little mac board has seen in awhile. and the fact you mentioned the fact you can dash cancel into a p pivot (forward pivot, i call it momentum pivot) is proof of the knowledge and time put into the guide. the only problem i have is the fact you stated little mac has nothing safe on shield. this is false, and i have done extensive testing to prove that little mac indeed does have safe moves on shield IF SPACED. with the exception of megamans OoS Bair (which must be frame perfect and aimed perfectly) and olimars shield grab (which changes based on the pikiman used), little mac has a safe move on shield against every character in the cast. Dtilt, backside of Utilt are safe on the whole cast, and jab/ftilt/DaFsmash on some characters.
Literal Bacon
Literal Bacon
Hey thanks man, you may be happy to know that this still isn't complete yet, there is a ton of information I haven't posted yet. I'll be sure to reply once it is.
I don't exactly consider moves safe if they're perfectly spaced, plus even Sol told me this. I'll be sure to include that once it's finished.
In essence this is exactly what there should be when making a guide. However, for at least beginning players starting off with Jab Cancels and Foxtrot Cancelling might not be the greatest ideas lol. Jab could go under offensive options due to its 22 FAF and high priority forcing opponents to either approach you (Mario's and Luigi's fireballs get beaten out by the jab) or if they walk into it a free damage opportunity of 11% with the Gentleman or somewhere around 17% with the Rapid Jab if they can't escape it. Otherwise, good stuff, dude.
Literal Bacon
Literal Bacon
Thanks! This still is not complete, I'll be sure to message you once it is.
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